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Madonna: Sexual Predator or Performer?


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Coachella. (n.) An American sun-drenched jealousy-inducing surprisingly-clean-for-a-music-festival Californian music and arts festival held every April. Sigh.

This year's instalment saw the return of Florence and the Machine, Marina and the Diamonds, AC/DC and frequently adored alt-J, Kanye West (yes he did try walking on water) and Jack White. But Drake's headlining set seemed to grab the attention of the majority with a raunchy set with 56-year-old Madonna. 

Two icons in the modern shaping of mainstream music, it was undoubtedly going to be worth watching. And, it's now to common knowledge that Madonna pulls Drake's head back and begins making out/sucking the youth out of Drake before he manages to break free and pull a face of disgust. For the Harry Potter fans out there, all I need do is say Dementor...

It comes to no surprise that Madonna did what she did before howling "I'm Madonna" into the winds. She has always been one for yearning to be different and controversial for attention, from Jean Paul Gaultier conical breasts to this.

Before I go on, we need to take a second to applaud and appreciate Madonna's break away from social expectations of women over the age of 30. By retaining a "sexual", as such, persona to sell her albums, with her most recent "Rebel Heart" playing on the ideology of kink, Madonna should be appreciated. When younger musicians use their sex appeal to sell their music, it's seen as empowering, or just normal.  However, when Madonna/older pop singers do so, it's considered gross.

However this does not eradicate the notion that Madonna literally sexually harassed and unsolicitadely made out with someone.

Imagine the outcry there would be if a hugely influential, older male thrust himself upon a younger female singer on stage. This applies regardless of celebrity status. 

Key words include: Objectification, harassment, creep.

Feminism is about the destruction of patriarchal ideologies within society. A manifestation of power has formed through such male-dominated defaults. It is our job as feminists, and overall "good people", to detect this behaviour as wrong.

Feminism is about equality.

Though men have never experienced such institutionalised, internalised, sedimented and disgusting forms of oppression through the perpetuation of oversexualisation, rape culture, victim blaming, poor representation and overall inequality as women, any form of sexual harassment should be seen and taken very seriously, regardless of who committed it.

Performing such an act to cause a media frenzy should not be tolerated. Madonna, please, this isn't making you any more of a #RebelHeart (on iTunes now). 

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