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The hopelessness of Hopkins


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Another day, another painfully misjudged tirade courtesy of professional rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins

Shooting to fame for her appearance on The Apprentice and to infamy for her spectacular 'name' rant on This Morning - Hopkins has since gained her own weekly newspaper column, placed second on the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, gained and then lost three stone in weight to supposedly prove her own theory that "fat people are just lazy".

With all this she has amassed an army of over half a million loyal followers on Twitter.

However, this week she has lost one of them. From a personal standpoint, I have never reviled Hopkins like many of my peers.

Some of her opinions I have found to be valid, such as being appreciative of your parents because you don't know how long you'll have them. I have also always admired her constant self-deprecation, and the fact she can take criticism as much as she gives it.

Various other views of hers, however, I categorically reject.

Her hate campaigns against the overweight and "gingers" are cruel, unwarranted and quite frankly unnecessary, and some of her past comments have been borderline racist.

Nevertheless, this week, Hopkins took it one step too far by suggesting that depression is not a genuine illness and all those suffering from it need is "a pair of running shoes and fresh air."

She retweeted a post in the affirmative stating; "So Katie Hopkins basically just said depression doesn't exist" and went on to tweet: 

If only it were that simple, to merely "get a grip". Hopkins has proven herself to be wholly ignorant to the fact that depression is a serious mental illness that children, teenagers and adults alike can suffer from, mostly in silence.

And that is largely due to uneducated comments such as these. Hopkins has since attempted to backtrack, writing a piece in her column stating that actually it is just "over-diagnosed" and retweeting a gullible follower who stressed that we all need to realise she isn't saying it doesn't exist. Rather contradictory, shall we say?

Hopkins actually has a point in her statement that depression can be misdiagnosed.

However, where she is sorely mistaken is her assumption that the illness consists of just being "a bit down." Grief and sadness are emotions that can lead to depression, but by themselves they are an entirely separate entity. It isn't about feeling sad. It's about constantly feeling nothing at all.

This misunderstanding can result in people believing they may have it when they might not necessarily, but dismissing its existence completely is utterly obtuse. This attitude callously dismisses the struggles of those who feel like they're at the exact same emotional level daily, never truly happy or even sad, just nothing.

This endless expanse of emptiness is what drives many sufferers to indulge in self-destructive behaviour, just to feel something, and some even attempt suicide, because it may seem like there is just no point to anything.

Hopkins' display of blatant ignorance begs the question: how many more subjects is she going to mouth-off on without any real knowledge or consideration or even a second thought?

I would advise Ms Hopkins to think carefully before attacking any groups in future, otherwise I may not be the only one to unfollow her.

By putting so many unique people in more and more boxes, she herself is going to end up in her own alienated little box with no one but herself to blame.

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