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Zayn Malik: Society has gone absolutely mad


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The guy that tried to kick open the cockpit door in the Germanwings flight’s final moments – what’s his name? Who cares! Zayn just left 1D!

Poor Zayn. The very people that claim to love him are hurling abuse at his fiancée and putting their tear stained faces online to, possibly, emotionally manipulate him from not having a break and having a normal 22 year old’s life for a while.

Zayn leaving One Direction is of course news and I would never say people shouldn’t be allowed to feel disappointed - feeling upset and shocked is valid! But it is without a doubt the most embarrassing aspect of being a part of this generation - that there is actually a ‘helpline’ and calls for compassionate leave. We should be setting up help for parents and friends of these people giving advice on how to knock some sense into people, and not on how to get them through it.

We get attached to fictional characters, actors, reality stars and get addicted to TV series, and yet no fan army has been as aggressive as the One Direction fandom. They get away with trolling celebrities online that speak against one direction and they got a whole documentary dedicated to how ‘crazy’ they are about One Direction. Why are we so tolerant of it? Why are we defending the chaos they’ve caused on the www? This obsession wouldn’t be stood for if it was between two non-famous people.

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t had a little laugh at the over dramatic omg-how-will-I-go-on tweets by girls clearly old enough to know better; even Amanda and Philip couldn’t hold it in when having a serious discussion on This Morning. And whilst it’s totally normal to get attached to fictional characters, the 1D fan army are taking this to a whole new level and neeeed to be set straight. There is a point where we have to stop laughing at them and start telling them that how they act is not ok. How a child is allowed to be filmed saying they want to batter Taylor Swift for going out with Harry Styles is beyond entertainment and I have massive sympathy for those who are fans of One Direction and aren’t obsessive and horrid online.

He isn’t dead, so why is it acceptable to use the term ‘grieving fans’? The families of the Germanwings Flight 9525 crash are ‘grieving’. Grief that is being overlooked and pushed aside (at least by some) until certain sections of society get over the departure of one band member.

150 innocent people have lost their lives and much unlike Zayn, they are not coming back. And the fact these 150 victims are being overlooked by those who would prefer to wail about the departure of a boy band member is the final straw.

This is not about being attune to people’s feelings and letting people ‘grieve’, this is about telling some young people - and would you believe, even adults - to get a grip and stop using the word ‘grief’ to describe what they’re feeling. Grief is the worst feeling a person can go through, and it should not be associated with people who are upset over one band member (who was never the most popular out of the bunch anyway) taking some time off.

I feel sorrier for the fella who plays Zayn in the tribute band of One Direction. God help the internet when Harry Styles decides he wants to chill for a bit.

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