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How Celebrity Big Brother shows that the British public won't stand for bullying


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Two chuck-outs, one walk-out and a billion fights squeezed into one hour a night - it’s no wonder the nation is hooked on a series the producers are losing control of.

As the latest Celebrity Big Brother has been said to be the most controversial series ever, it’s clear it’s becoming both painful and brilliantly entertaining to watch. If anyone wants an insight into the goings on of school and uni life this is definitely one to watch.

It’s a classic playground environment. The weak and wanting to blend in (Patsy Kensit and Kavanagh), the bully who turns into sweetness and light after being defeated by a bully more evil than herself (Katie Hopkins), the suck-ups to any person who walks by (Alicia Douvall and Nadia Sawalha) and the bitch who knows no other skill than how to be a bitch - or how to get a strange tattoo (Cami-Li).

It shows that a bellend as big as Perez Hilton is something eventually no character can tolerate. Not even the stone-cold Hopkins and the ex-gang member Alexander. And the reason we’ve taken a sudden liking to Katie Hopkins is because (for once) she’s actually said something absolutely right. Alicia and Nadia are completely at fault for Perez carrying on behaving the way he does. You are as much of a bully if you befriend one.

It’s sad to think that this environment is the norm in schools and unis, and in those situations there is no mass audience to hate him; in life the Perez character breaks people down and gets away with it.

But it is a comfort to know that THIS particular bully sure as hell isn’t going to win, and cannot run from the British public. Perhaps the reason behind why so many people want to “get Perez out” is because we’ve all had a first-hand experience of a Perez in our lives, someone who is mean and likes it. But this time, we are not standing for it on our screens.

The Celebrity Big Brother house shows that you can be 72 and still not get away with being an utter pervert, and that being drunk is not an excuse to be a pervert either.

But it also shows that the British public are overall good eggs, completely intolerant and full of hate for a classic bully (which is probably why the public booed Chloe and couldn’t be bothered to vote for her).

One thing for sure is that if Perez is “scared for his safety” inside that house he has no idea what’s to come when the British public get their hands on him.

Perez will be in the papers long after CBB has finished and that is his exact and only intention. Maybe it proves a bully is bully when they crave attention regardless of whether it is good or bad.

All in all, Perez is a huge eye opener into the mind of a bully. They bully because they want attention, they bully because they like to see people hurt so they can feel great, and the evilness of being a bully eventually gets into their own mind and turns them crazy.

Perez’s one man ritual of his beheaded statue “Mr Buns” in the centre of the living room goes to show how fame hunger and can turn a person slightly mad. And yes, if you don’t watch Big Brother what you just read may sound ridiculously strange, but hey, it happened.

This is a part of life that is hard for any character, and whatever character you are it is impossible to stop it from getting to you if it’s in your face 24/7. I hope he books that plane back to America pretty quickly when he leaves the house, but if America is watching this I suspect they won’t be so glad to have him back either.

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