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Pure genius: Miley's latest photo madness

19th January 2015

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Miley Cyrus has once again taken the media world by storm, this time with her photoshoot for V magazine. The series of racy Polaroid shots, snapped by the star's close friend Cheyne Thomas, were taken as the pair travelled the globe on Miley's recent Bangerz tour. Although Miley is infamously known as a provocateur, the double-page feature exceeds the already sky-high boundaries she set with her 2013 VMA performance.

Image: @mileycyrus Instagram

Miley has chosen to rid her previous Disney image in a very unqiue, albeit drastic, fashion. Though this may have cost the star both her Hannah Montana fan-base as well as her dignity, her actions over the past couple of years have attracted more media coverage than the likes of previous Disney co-stars, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Miley therefore reigns supreme in terms of being one of the most talked about celebrities, and she's showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Be it positive or negative, everybody shares an opinion on this wild child, and that's just that way Miley, along with her bank account, likes it. 

Contrary to popular opinion, I think the newest snaps are pure genius. As a female just two years Miley's junior, I could never imagine releasing such private images; however I am not an A-list celebrity with a reputation to uphold. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but I think that far too many people overlook the severe competition that current celebrities face. Of course competition has always existed, but none more so than today, in an age dominated by social media. Celebrities have the ability to heighten thier success via social media through creating an online presence - no celebrity is more so aware of this than the extremely virtually active, Miley Cyrus.

Though she may act as a juvenile free-spirit, concerned only with pizza, cats and hardcore partying, Miley shares a great conciousness of the utility of social media and the benefits that it can bring in terms of self-promotion. Whether Miley's most recent photo scandal provoked personal revolt, disbelief, or just pure shock, in terms of marketing it was an absolute mastermind move. Both Miley and Cheyne Thomas shared some of the Polaroid shots on their Instagram accounts, for their combined total of approximately 14.25 million followers to see. This too provoked a wave of controversy, which led to the removal of the more provocative images from the social networking site. Although some of the images were taken down, they did not go unnoticed - even the story of their removal received coverage from numerous mainstream entertainment websites, providing further exposure to Miley's most-recent snaps.

Miley appears full-frontal nude in one of the images featured in the magazine photo spread, in which only soap bubbles are used to cover her modesty, however one thing is for sure - very little, if any, editing has been carried out on these images. After the masses of debate surrounding the use of Photoshop in Kim Kardashian's shoot for Paper magazine at the end of 2014, and more recently, Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein campaign, it's refreshing to see an A-list celebritity that's actually comfortable with their body. Miley may be baring all in V magazine, but she's doing it with pride, and for that she should be applauded. 

It's worth noting that Miley is currently the newest face of the MAC make-up collection 'Viva la glam'. The fact that such a reputable company has chosen to use Miley to represent them demonstrates that despite her reckless behaviour, she remains to be an incredibly iconic figuire, holding great influence within both beauty and fashion as well as in her primary industry of music.

Although sexualisation of the human body should not be condoned as an effective marketing ploy, in today's contemporary society, it is just that. Miley isn't the first, and certainly won't be the last, to bare all in front of the lens, but I'm not entirely sure that anyone could generate the influx of debate quite as effortlessly as Miley has done.

Even for her standards, Miley's V magazine shots are slightly outrageous, but anything less would have been a disappointment. As a star known for creating controversy, I find it surprising that people still react so perplexedly towards Miley's behaviour. Then again, I'm sure that gaining this kind of reaction is Miley's intention. 

Image: @mileycyrus Instagram

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