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Why people who do drugs are dumb


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I write this article because I recently watched my favourite show in the whole wide world The Jeremy Kyle Show. But this time it wasn’t a bunch of benefit scrounging tracksuits shouting at each other, it was a special episode about a drug addict who recently died because of her drug addiction.

Drug takerAs I watched the episode document her drug taking, her prostitution, her recovery and then her passing away from a heart attack a week after leaving rehab completely clean and a new person, it angers me to think heart-breaking stories like this still aren’t enough to knock some sense into dumb teenagers putting dumb stuff in their body for fun.

People say they take drugs to relieve stress, to block out the pain or because “it’s fun”. But why do people find poisoning their body a way to solve a problem? Because, in my opinion, they’re too dumb to look beyond the night out. They’re too dumb to realise whilst they’re “on a level” they look GROSS to everyone else around them.

I have never done drugs (and never ever will) so of course I don’t know what being high feels like, I don’t know what mcat or md or crack does to a person and I don’t want to find out.

Anyone can pop a pill or snort something up their nose, so why doesn’t everyone do drugs when they go on a night out? Because the teenage world is divided into stupid people who want to look hardcore on a night out, and people who have respect for their own body and image.

I believe that people only take drugs to impress those around them, and whilst you look so cool for taking drugs (apparently) you have no idea what those drugs can do to you physically and emotionally.

Beautiful, intelligent girls are taking drugs because their boyfriend/friend does it, because they don’t want to be seen as “boring” or because they see it as an award for the everyday stress they go through, bless. 

These people should spend rehab in a kid’s hospital ward with kids half their age that spend every day fighting to breathe, fighting off cancer and God knows what other awful thing they were so unfortunately born with, and there’s people out their snorting crap up their nose. They don’t deserve the healthy body they have, and soon they won’t have that healthy body at all and that’s their own mistake.

I hope it does feel good on the inside, because you don’t look good on the outside. When you’re paranoid, depressed, lying in a hospital bed, do people still remember how good the drugs felt?

Do they miss the £50 they gave to some dodgy drug dealer who will use it to poison another stupid teenager?

This is not a rant, but is an attempt to shake the sense back into teenagers who abuse the body they were blessed with. Talk to FRANK, stop going out with people who tell you if you don’t do drugs you’re boring and find a new hobby to relieve stress that won’t kill you.

There will always be drug dealers and cheap deals and new drugs to try. But you only get one life and you only get one healthy body before it’s too late.

It only takes one dodgy dose to end your life and break the worlds of everyone who loves you.

So here’s some advice for all those amazingly cool drug takers out there, get some new friends or some new sense or get ready for an early grave…and there won’t be anyone to blame but yourself. And stop wasting the NHS’ time while you’re at it.

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