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Surrounding yourself with positive people


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"Surround yourself with positive people"- a popular quote. A quote which most people like the sound of. 

The instant reaction is to think, “Yeah, that’s why I’m not happy - all the miserable so-and-sos who I have to put up with on a daily basis. I need to rid myself of them!” As if we could just evaluate all the people in our life and cut them out if we decide they are not adding adequate levels of positivity to our life.  As if we have been gifted with supernatural powers that enable us to obliterate whoever we wish from our life.  Don’t like your attitude today Missus! ZAP! Why the long face? ZAP! Why you raining on my parade? ZAP!

The sad reality is that all of us must put up with people who we don’t like - whether in the work place, in our presentation group at university or even in our own homes. Sometimes we are put in situations where we don’t get to choose our company, they are simply there - whether your boss employed them, your seminar teacher put you together or they happen to be a family member.  Who really has the luxury of being able to surround themselves with only positive people? We all know that in reality the world is far from filled with shiny, happy people. The chances are there’s going to be a lot of people about who we find to be diabolic company - those who just seem to be a cloud of doom and gloom. Their favourite topics of conversation consist of moaning about their never ending work load, how fat they’ve got and how they just don’t have time for anything fun. These people seem to look on everything through bitter, hateful eyes. We find the good mood that we walked in with evaporating with every word they speak. Unfortunately, it is not possible to just zap these people into oblivion. We sadly do not have this power and thus in certain situations are left with no other option than to put up with them.

The real strength then is not letting these negative beings bring us down to their level. The true strength of character is in acknowledging their negative stinking attitude; their pettiness, bitchiness, selfishness, laziness or whatever it is, and rising above it. The ability to remain untouched by these negative vibes is the beginning of becoming a Jedi. Only joking. But it is perhaps the beginning of finding inner peace.

Furthermore by engaging with these negative beings in a positive manner, you may find that they actually have serious problems that are the cause of their negative aura. Perhaps they're going through family difficulties but find it too hard to talk about this so transmit their grief into moaning about mundane activities. Or perhaps they are just a privileged, whining brat. Either way, by refusing to let their negativity bring us down, we strengthen our character - and there is always the chance that our positive vibes will rub off on them...

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