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The girl who sold her virginity

3rd December 2012

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the girl who sold her virginity

Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year-old from Brazil, has caused controversy by selling her virginity for £485,000. But who are we to judge her decision? 

A 53-year-old Japanese busisness man known as ‘Natsu’ won the auction over five other bidders. It is said that the deed will not take place on land, but instead on a plane between countries as a way of avoiding prostitution charges.

Catarina is going to undergo a test with a gynecologist to provide ‘Natsu’ with evidence of her virginity, although there is already controversy over how concrete this evidence will be.

You may wonder just how Catarina came to be in this situation. Catarina grew up with her family in Sao Paulo and originally found ‘The Virgin’ project online. After reading about plans to carry out a documentary in Australia, she saw it as a great opportunity to leave Brazil and experience different cultures.

Since being accepted onto the ‘Virgins Wanted’ documentary, Catarina has been ridiculed for taking part, with critics naming her as a prostitute. However, Catarina simply sees the selling of her virginity as a business decision and nothing more. She wants to study medicine, and as we know university tuition fees aren’t exactly the cheapest investment.

I am certainly not encouraging anyone to sell themselves in order to pay off your student loan - but in today’s world things are not as black and white as some people think. Catarina may be doing something very unusual and ethically questionable, but it appears that she is simply trying to make a life for herself and even claims that she has plans to give a substantial amount to charity. Catarina herself stated that "everyone does things differently."

As you might expect, Catarina’s family was not best pleased with her decision and certainly didn’t support her choice, but she explains that they love her unconditionally and her mother especially has always wanted her to make her own decisions in life - even if that does include selling herself to a 53-year-old man.

Catarina’s story has raised controversy throughout the world, as would be expected. But what you might want to ask, and the question that has intrigued Catarina herself, is: "Why do people care that I’m selling my virginity?"

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