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Was Romney a better choice?


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It was a victory that led to international euphoria and elation: Barack Obama defeated Republican rival Mitt Romney in the US election and has re-taken control of the White House.

Mitt RomneyWith only 2% separating the two candidates in the popular vote, it shows a deeply divided United States, with many right-wingers doubtful whether the right candidate has won with many viewing Romney as a more worthy candidate.

Supporters of Romney such as Donald J. Trump have blasted Obama’s victory, arguing for a revolution and calling on Americans to march on Washington DC to protest his re-election, sending messages to his 1.9 followers on social networking sites arguing that the US ‘is now in serious and unprecedented never before’.

In his victory speech, Obama stated that America ‘voted for action, not politics as usual’ but this could arguably be debated. Exit polls show that Obama gained 93% of the African American vote, 71% of Hispanics and 73% of Asians in contrast to Mitt Romney who took most of the white vote, at 72% of the electorate. Did the election become a race issue instead of one based on policy and politics?

Despite Romney’s outdated pronouncements on rape (who could forget the horrifying ‘babies born out of rape are a gift from God’ statement by Richard Mourdock in Indiana) and his opposition to Roe v Wade, abortion under any circumstance and insurance coverage for contraception, Romney did have some wonderful policies and arguably was the best candidate to alleviate America down the road of economic recovery.

Romney had aimed to implement a five-part proposal to achieve economic growth and job creation. He planned to achieve economic growth and job creation as opposed to Obama who views big government spending programmes as the answer to the nation’s economic challenges. 

Part one of Romney’s plan was to achieve energy independence to boost the American economy; part two was to open new markets for American goods and services. Part Three was to provide Americans with skill set through better schools, access to higher education and better retraining programmes to help unemployed workers.

Romney also aimed to cut the deficit and ridding the US debt and to champion small businesses. These proposals would have allowed America to be the best place to start a business, hire workers and find jobs. Despite this, American voters have decided to follow the path of Obama into borrowing and taxing and spending which has arguably deteriorated the American economy.

The next four years will show effectively if Obama will deliver America to economic recovery but till then, one can only keep wondering if the right candidate has won.

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