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The pseudo elections


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The pseudo elections conducted on Tuesday also coincided with the revival of bullshit. It was nothing more than a public relations extravaganza, which to paraphrase Noam Chomsky is designed to create uninformed consumers who will make irrational choices; these uninformed consumers gave victory to Barack Obama.

Obama’s actual record was ignored (his kill list, having US citizens killed without trial, signing the NDAA, expanding the surveillance state, prosecuting whistleblowers with a dated act, Iranian sanctions to name a few). What Liberals did instead was to create the illusion of Obama as the ‘lesser evil’. Whilst they were right to highlight the many horrifying Romney positions, they lost sight that their own candidate is an abomination.

In the realms of fantasy Obama’s victory speech eclipsed Tolkien. He stated that ‘a decade of war is ending’, a flagrant absurdity. The war rages on, whether it is the enhanced surveillance of US citizens to the Pakistani and Yemeni men, woman and children under threat from drones (as well as ordinary Iranian people under sanctions). He then resorted to good to good old fashioned jingoism, discussing how America is ‘exceptional’ and ‘the greatest nation on earth’ (imagine the disgust if Romney made these remarks).

This is all profoundly negative I know. One argument prevalent among Liberal circles was that the first term was all about being re-elected and it will be the second term where Obama shows us his true progressive colours. This may yet be the case, but I find Jeffrey St Clairs argument more persuasive. He writes:

“So what to expect from Obama? An aggressive new plan to combat climate change? A real federal jobs program aimed at full-employment? Liberalization of immigration policies? Decriminalization of marijuana? Deep cuts in the defense budget? Rollback of the Patriot Act? A ban on assassinations by drones? Movement toward single-payer health care? Sure.

No. Clinton will be his template:  the Clinton who pushed for the elimination of the Glass-Steagall Act, the gutting of welfare and the war on Serbia.  Obama will pursue bi-partisanship with a vengeance. Obama has always been a committed neoliberal, a closeted agent of austerity. Now he no longer needs to even play-act for his political base. He can openly betray their interests.”

So as the hoopla ends with the GOP in a shocking state and the good ship Obama well staffed with blind devotees this writer hopes for a return to normality, but that will take months, maybe years. 

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