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Stop Foie Gras cruelty now


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Ever eaten so much you feel like you could burst? We all know how groggy it makes us feel, but imagine feeling that way for the rest of your life?

Force fed ‘Foie-Gras’ is the height of controversy at the moment as a new undercover investigation carried out by PETA UK has hit the headlines with shocking footage from Farms of the Sarlat Perigord cooperative, where birds are forced fed and horrifically suffer terrible conditions before they are slaughtered for liver paté.

The video footage, narrated by PETA’s Foie Gras campaign ambassador, the legendary Sir Roger Moore, can be found online and has gone viral on the internet as it depicts the cruelty and unnatural events that occur on Foie Gras farms.

The production method of Foie Gras is depicted by French law as gavage feeding. This involves the birds, usually mallards, being force fed through a fitted steel tube 30cm long, rammed down their throats. Then, a mixture of corn and boiling fat is force fed to the birds, which speeds up fat production in their livers. The birds are fed up to four or five times a day, for hours at a time, sometimes nearly up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until their short lives are over when their livers have swelled to ten times their natural size.

Fattened liver can actually be alternatively produced without the need for gavage feeding - so Foie Gras can still be produced without the harm that gavage feeding causes. Unfortunately this method of ‘fatty goose liver’ is not under the French Law definition of ‘Foie Gras’ and therefore is debated as to whether the quality of the paté is good enough. This term coined ‘ad libitum’, allows the birds to eat freely, and naturally gain fatty livers, instead of unnaturally swelling until their legs break from the weight and strain. It has been disputed how ‘ethical’ any production of Foie Gras actually can be as some farmers claim to be ‘ethical’ using rubber tubes instead of steel but ultimately are still condemning these poor birds to a life of unjust cruelty and force feeding; all for someone’s special food treat at Christmas or a fancy restaurant.

Sign Sir Rodger Moore’s petition by heading over to the PETA UK site now, where PETA UK are doing their best to end the cruelty of gavage feeding. For every signature they get, there’s hope of another life saved. 


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