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Fox carcasses adorn models pre-London Fashion Week


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Three models, in stacked high heels, taking a stroll down Bond Street sounds pretty normal in the run up to London Fashion Week, commencing today. Except for these models didn’t have the usual accessories one might see on the catwalk, but the bloody carcasses of two dead foxes.

PETA UK organised their demonstration to advertise the outrage of designers using real fur in this week’s fashion shows.

Alongside strutting down Bond Street with the dead foxes, the models could be seen wearing the ironic and harrowing slogan, ‘Here’s the rest of your fur coat’. 

The showcase attracted crowds from the public, all able to see the horror and reality of how animals are actually treated, in this case, for fashion. PETA UK is no newcomer at LFW and have previously invaded catwalk shows in protest as well as having celebrity followers such as Penélope Cruz and Charlize Theron to ‘strip for skinned animals’, but their bombshell use of dead foxes in their latest protest is one that seems to have both shocked and shamed the fashion community.

PETA designed the demonstration to highlight the cruel and disgusting ways animals are treated and killed for their fur. Many animals spend their short lives in cramped cages before being beaten, anally electrocuted or even skinned alive for their coats. 

The senior programmes Manager for PETA UK, Yvonne Taylor, commented: “Fashion is meant to be fun, there’s nothing fun about driving animals insane from a lifetime of confinement and then skinning them for their fur.”

The foxes were kindly donated from The Fox Project, a charity devoted to the rescue of the wild fox, and their impact, has hopefully rallied round troops for this ongoing war with designers using fur. 

Designers such as Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and animal rights protestor and avid vegetarian Stella McCartney have all created successful fashion houses, and continue to be the cream of the crop year after year at LFW without the use of any animal fur whatsoever.

We no longer live in a caveman society where fur is one of few options to keep us warm, and using animal fur for fashion purposes such as coats and stoles is a very old practice and one that should no longer exist. Faux fur is actually cheaper, less likely to deteriorate over time and easier to manipulate into different shapes and styles, making it more beneficial to designers, consumers and overall, our animal population. 

If we don’t start addressing these important issues sooner, rather than overlooking them, then who is to say it won’t be long before you own a cat tail scarf, a dog hat or a hamster handbag?


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