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Mitt Romney's bright future


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Following in the footsteps of the last Republican President of the United States, Willard Mitt Romney has been hailed around the world as a flip-flopping, blundering opportunist.

George W. Bush ran America with a logic that astounded people the world over. In acknowledging that we “misunderestimated” him, we should remember what was really happening in Iraq during Bush’s presidency: “the same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th”.

Eleven years after that terrible day, it doesn't seem the Republican Party have learnt anything from the terrible situation they were placed in.

Romney’s election campaign has so far not been without similar lyrical blunders. One of the most notable was on his visit to London for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. In an interview with NBC anchor Brian Williams shortly before the ceremony, Romney said: “It’s hard to know just how well it’s going to turn out. There were a few things that were disconcerting” and some that “obviously aren’t encouraging.”

These comments led to a backlash from British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who both criticised Romney’s negativity towards what were promising to be “the friendly Games”. Having soured his relationship with Number 10 before it had even begun Romney will have to work hard to regain British favour if he wins the presidential elections this November.

Looking at Romney’s neo-conservative foreign policies, this distance between the two conservative sister parties may not be such a bad thing. In the foreword to Romney’s foreign policy campaign white paper, Eliot Cohen, counsellor to Condoleezza Rice (Secretary of State from 2007-2009) and influential guru on neo-conservatism, wrote of “An American Century” and their success in the “World War IV”; war on terror.

Steve Clemons, senior fellow at the New America Foundation, remarked that “As a movement, the true neoconservatives never, ever give up. They will be back.”

With the neoconservative foreign policy of Romney’s campaign involving aggressive stances towards Iran, China and Russia, we should be only too thankful that managed to distance himself from Cameron with his hostility towards the Olympics.

His policy to keep American troops in Iraq looks set to upset even more people both in America and worldwide as only one third of Americans still support the presence of troops there. This unpopularity should be hailed in Britain as just another one of many reasons that we should be keeping our distance from the Mormon presidential candidate. 

Romney’s position on the economy does not seem likely to regain him any favour either. Deciding to stick with the status quo, he plans to follow up on Bush’s tax breaks, cut government spending and reduce the red tape around businesses. We’re sure this will prove to be a very successful economic policy as Romney launches a neoconservative foreign policy alongside a reduction in government spending.

Although Romney has shown some initiative in accepting that humans contribute to global warming, he opposes cap-and-trade legislation while supporting the extension of the Keystone XL pipeline which would add another 327 miles to the line bringing crude oil and bitumen from Canada into America. His policy on the environment is a commitment to putting $20billion into energy research and new car technology. This may well be a useful venture but it isn’t complemented with any actual steps towards reducing carbon emissions and minimising America’s contributions to Global Warming.  

It isn’t all bad though; we can remain thankful that Romney’s social conservative internal policies won’t have an effect upon us in Britain. In social policy Romney plans to take a step back from the liberal bandwagon and oppose same-sex marriage, supporting the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ for homosexual people. He also opposes Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court ruling from 1973 which removed the rights of states to ban abortion.

Meanwhile, to make up for removing the above rights from citizens, he promises to repeal Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul and give Americans back the right to buy their own health insurance.

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