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Step up to your responsibilities, Rihanna

30th August 2012

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Rihanna and Chris Browns' relationship has been one of the most gossiped about of recent years, with talk usually initiated by headlines like, ‘Rihanna takes back Chris, but can he change?’

Since the Only Girl in the World singer was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Brown in 2009, everybody has voiced an opinion about what is going on between them and the rights and wrongs of the past. The question is: do people have the right to be constantly commenting on other people’s personal lives, especially when they don’t really know them?

It’s a fair point; no one really knows what goes on in relationship besides the people involved, and often those too close to the relationship have tunnel vision about it. Despite her wildly successful career, Rihanna is still only 24 and therefore it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that she is still in need of guidance from those more experienced. In a recent interview, Rihanna said that she is still in love with Chris and that he was "the love of (her) life." This in itself sounds like an immature conclusion and an irresponsible public response for someone who has so publicly been a victim of domestic abuse.

These days celebrities cannot escape the intrusion of the media into every aspect of their daily business, past or present. Therefore in this case I don’t think it is surprising that people feel the need to force their noses into the relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown, as both parties are constantly in the public eye. I do not believe it should ever be accepted that everyone and anyone has the ‘right’ to comment on others private relationships. However in this case, and over such a serious issue, it is natural that people will not let go. And why should they?

The main point is Brown’s behaviour, which left a 20-year-old Rihanna with a battered, bruised face. The photos that circulated in the press of Rihanna’s horrifying facial injuries shocked everyone, which is not something that can or indeed should be quickly forgotten.

Victims of any type of domestic abuse, whether over a prolonged period of time or one incident, have suffered at the hands of someone they presumably loved and trusted. So is it not the duty of society to make sure that they do not get away with it easily? With such a media-focused relationship as this it sends messages out to those that suffer silently, and if victims and offenders alike see that it will not be tolerated that can only be a positive thing. Whilst this may seem a little harsh on Rihanna, surely it is her responsibility and that of those around her, including her wide selection of followers, to send the message that such abuse cannot be tolerated, and never will be? 

Whilst today’s society may seemingly be turning into Big Brother, this can be used to the advantage of preventing and bringing awareness to crimes such as domestic abuse. And while there is no excuse for the comments from the likes of social networking trolls, it is natural and positive that people will not these days remain silent on their opinions regarding the beating of a young woman. 

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