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Danny Boyle's Olympics Opening Ceremony plans - promising or preposterous? PROMISING

24th July 2012

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Having made a master piece out of gritty drug culture in Trainspotting, and the compelling simple story of a man’s gruesome fight for survival in 127 Hours, I personally trust that the eccentric directing genius, Danny Boyle, will absolutely blow the crowd away with the opening 2012 Olympic openings.

Danny BoyleHe better had anyway, as the British taxpayer look set to watch a phenomenal £81m show. If all else fails, he could take Russell Howard’s advice, pump Boris Johnson up with acid, and just watch what happens...

Really, it’s the quintessential pleasant countryside theme which I am most looking forward to, as the director boasts his prototype of the Olympic vision to an audience. Maybe movable green shrubbery, and the talk of real ducks sounds mundane, yet it’s the disturbance of mosh pits, between BBC proms and Glastonbury which will bring this beauty to life. It’s disruption and noise of the idyllic which the British love. Yet we also love complaining about the weather too, so in this Technicolor dream will be a shower of reality (sorry, I had to) with rain pouring in to the mix of the performance.

With 70 sheep also roaming free, it’s like Dolly the Sheep’s got her own cheerleading squad behind her. Think of it as very international, as we have the Scottish sheep ‘cloning’ the American tradition of cheerleading.

 This would also be like a total opposite dichotomy to Japan’s cyber technological world too, not that I’m taking it seriously or nought. It’s that random sense of spontaneity which should make this a winner. We save our winging for the Eurovision song contest, so that I would be one of the first to defend Danny Boyle if he gets any stick for the opening show. If anybody is left feeling disappointed, just think of this as part of British identity- the democratic right to feel disappointed. In fact, let’s go really crazy with this democratic feed, and come up with suggestions for the opening ceremony. If you were the one organising the event, what would be your Olympic opening ceremony vision?

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