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How to bag a husband, step by step


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University of Georgia (UGA) student Amber Estes has made the news after posting an article in her university publication detailing how exactly to bag yourself a husband after you've graduated - peferably one with a big enough salary to fund the southern belle lifestyle. 

The article provided a step by step guide detailing the does and don’ts of husband hunting, to ensure that said southern belle could guarantee a life spent “sipping tea sat around the pool at the country club while some babysitter looks after Junior and Georgia Ann.”

Estes gives away several tools of her trade to help like minded women at the university to bag themselves Mr Right. 

The list includes the likes of not trying too hard because “nothing screams desperate louder than a girl who is all dolled up in her nicest outfits lounging around the Law buildings”. Instead she encourages girls to wear a well fitting “frockette” emblazoned with the letters and “make sure you look your finest”. 

Other steps included Instagram, which she argued was one of the most important tools as it allowed a flood of friend requests and subtle light changes and filters to make your own pictures more flattering.

The final steps consisted of undying loyalty to your man no matter what, baking him and his frat boys cookies and other baked goods, helping him study for tests and getting on his mother’s good side.

Perhaps the most important step however was to “STAY CLASSY” as she argued that “A man won’t get down on one knee for a woman who is overly willing to get down on both of hers.

"You want him to see joint bank accounts in your future, not a joint cab ride home to his place.”

Estes received a torrent of comments and response articles with many condemning the article as anti-feminist and backwards whilst others defended Estes saying it clearly was a satirical piece poking fun at the stereotype of the southern beauty sorority sister that goes to university on the sole purpose of securing a groom.

It is unclear as to which the article is, satire or sincere, and perhaps if it is the former it should be made a bit clearer as it does seem degrading to women to imply that they only come to university to secure a good marriage as opposed to academic achievements and their own personal success. 

If sincere it clearly undermines all efforts for female and male equality fought for by the likes of the suffragettes and feminists of the past centuries.

Although of course it would be entirely Estes choice to be a housewife, is it fair that she is actively hunting own a man to effectively leech off to provide the lifestyle she wants? There is nothing wrong in being a housewife, in fact its much more preferable and probably less painful on the heart and the pocket than childcare, but Estes has already admitted it would be “some babysitter” who would be looking after Estes Junior, leaving her very little to do apart from indulging her whims and swiping her husbands credit card to her heart’s content.

I do hope that this piece was written a little tongue in cheek. Even though it would be an added bonus to meet the man of your dreams at university so that you can sail off into the sunset together come graduation, it is not the reason you’re there by a long shot.

Emily Wilding Davison will be turning in her grave.

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