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Should gay marriage be taught in school?


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From a young age at school, we are taught about the many forms of religions there are in the world. They may not interest or affect us, but it is a mandatory subject in our curriculum. What we are taught at school shows us what is happening in the world, to open our eyes, not to change us into clones of one another.

Gay marriage is just another aspect of our in endless changing norms and acceptances. Their form of bonding is no different to the bond created through a man and a woman through their marriage. If children are taught about gay marriage they will be educated in such a way to accept that homosexual couples are just equally as normal as any other couple and deserve the same form of acceptance. Just like religion, children will be taught about the controversy and history that formed this very current debate. Children will not be forced to be gay or have to accept gay marriage. They are receiving a neutral insight where they are able to create their own opinion.

Teaching children about gay marriage will only further promote an open mind but will prevent homophobic attitudes that we see today. Starting from a young age, it will minimise hate and harsh attitudes towards people that are gay. Fairness and diversity applies to all in a multi-cultural society with all different types of people.

Educating people about gay marriage reduces the risk of children growing up carrying an outdated view, in particular as most people’s views are in favour for gay marriage as they see it as an an equal right. People that have extreme views are at risk of being cut off to the majority of the world. The essential point here is that it is not always about agreeing, but learning to understand and appreciate.  

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