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Will you be joining the NUS protest?


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Since David Cameron and his coalition government shuffled into Number 10 intent on fixing Britain's economic crisis, many areas of the public sector have retaliated against his chosen methods by striking.

Cameron has watched on defiantly as millions of angry workers pass by his London HQ, placards in hand, demanding justice. This plethora of protests shows little signs of letting up, as the National Union of Students (NUS) announce plans for a London protest, the date set as the 21st November 2012.

NUS has outlined a wide range of issues they wish to tackle on the march, with everything from University fees, rising housing prices and even retirement and pensions on the agenda. However, given the large amount of protests and strikes that have taken place over the past couple of years, are they actually making a difference? Is it even worth protesting anymore?

Many of the public sector strikers are infuriated as they see their state pensions whittled down to dust by a government smoke screened with an obsession of 'we're all in it together.'

A very plausible argument coming the government's way in return is these very public sector workers are being punished for a crime they did not commit. It is now widely accepted many of the world's banks and loose government policy caused the economy to collapse so dramatically. So why is that the everyday man should suffer as a consequence?

Similarly, the current coalition government has betrayed several areas of society, breaking their mandate to rule. For example, in the Tory manifesto pre-last election, they promised no changes would be made to teachers' pensions before the next election. Betrayal number one. Furthermore, Doctors re-negotiated a pension deal only four years ago, to only see if torn up infront of their noses recently by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. Betrayal number two. Finally, Nick Clegg stood firm in his promise to oppose any policy to raise university fees, only to see them tripled soon after. Betrayal number three. It stands to reason that if I promise you £10 to let me you use your car, then don't pay up, your going to be well within your rights to make a stand against that.

In this modern democracy we are all hugely proud of living in, when these basic principles are broken, we are all well within our rights to stand up and fight for change. Is it truly a democracy if we allow the government to run its own course, regardless of previous promises, and stand by as they slowly pulverise our NHS and education systems?
It is an almighty contradiction to have a government run with the tag line 'we're all in this together' whilst the ordinary man picks up the pieces of a mess created by the men with the money, only to hand them tax breaks or simply avoid it all together when things begin to get tough. The Tory government's priorities seem a little out of touch with the ordinary man.  

Protesting has been given a bad name since the 1980s, when Maggie Thatcher tackled the 'striking culture' head on. Any right wing government worth its salt has a priority of standing up to the working class jeers for better distribution of wealth. Cameron has also adopted this tactic, as the student riots of 2010 just so proved. Whilst mainly peaceful, heavy handed police and a few anarchists gave Cameron the ideal opportunity to condemn the protest, turning the public against the everyday student, who were swiftly told to stop moaning.
In a time when the economy is continually being beaten to its knees by austerity measures, protesting such huge inequality of wealth is a must. It is a time when we should be sharing the burden of the deficit. Recession is no time for elitism. Cameron may well scoff at the protests now, however continuing this stance will no doubt be fatal come the next election. 

Its a basic human right to be able to protest wrong-doing, and this Tory lead government may only be standing by its principes, but change is inevitable if enough support is gained over a sufficient period of time. Britain's had enough, David. So join myself and thousands of others by making your voice heard on the 21st November and making this country a fairer one for everyone. 

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