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Yes, university IS worth the money


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So, you find yourself in lectures for a total of eight hours a week. The rest of your time is supposed to be reserved for this concept called ‘private study’. It’s normal to wonder whether your degree is really worth the money.

First let’s look at the hard statistics. The Universities UK organisation measured the economic impact of a degree and found that a graduate earns (on average) a quarter more than someone who has left school or college following their A-levels. That equates to around £160,000 more over a working life. That is a huge amount of Pot Noodle.

Speaking of Pot Noodle, the social and networking side of a degree is priceless. Many graduates find employment through people they met at university and often people build life-long friendships with their fellow graduates. Not forgetting that perhaps one of the cheapest ways to move out, gain independence and start living without the shelter of the parental wing is to get yourself into student accommodation. Furthermore you can often enter your chosen career at a higher level after obtaining a degree. If that isn’t convincing enough, you tend to get 10% off almost everywhere.

However, all in all, none of this matters. A degree is worth the money just as much as a pint of milk is worth any amount when there is no other shop in sight. My point here is that money shouldn’t really matter if a degree is what you want to do. If a degree enhances your career prospects (and most degrees do), bonus, but I believe that you should study for a degree because you’re passionate about a subject and want to take it further; whether that be medicine or David Beckham studies.

If you don’t study something you love studying then of course a degree is not worth the money - you’ll be bored after semester one and risk employers tossing aside ‘just another’ graduate CV. But if you’re studying a subject because you have a genuine thirst for it, then you will become one of those people who can honestly say that your degree was worth every penny (regardless of whether you end up on a banker's wage or just with a whole lot of Curry Pot Noodle). 

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