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Yes, Sugar Daddy sites ARE prostitution


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Recently, attention has been drawn to ‘Sugar Daddy’ websites, where older men and women, or ‘sugar daddies’ and ‘sugar mommies’, can connect with young, beautiful ‘sugar babies’, who exchange their ‘companionship’ for cash. Is this really an above-board way for the young and needy to use their charms for financial gain, or does a sordid reality lie beneath?

For me, there is no question as to the true nature of such sites. Surely alarm bells should be ringing from the sexualised ‘sugar’ labels attributed to their members? If that wasn’t seedy enough, these ‘candy shop’ connotations are placed alongside parent/child roles. It is frankly not difficult to see an affinity with child grooming, meaning that these sites are situating themselves from the outset within the dark side of human relationships. The fact that money, rather than emotional exploitation, is the key to these exchanges does not do the websites any favours. It simply results in a double whammy of immorality, adding prostitution to their origins.

The format of these sites involves ‘sugar babies’ putting up profiles which are judged by ‘sugar parents’ in terms of aesthetics, financial rates and services on offer. All that sets this apart from prostitution is the members’ ability to choose which ‘sugar daddy/mommy’ they want to connect with. The fact that the ‘generous’ older members are also obliged to submit a profile does not necessarily lead to quality control, however. One ‘Diamond Sugar Daddy’ (so-titled because he ‘paid a significantly higher fee’) brags of one ‘sugar baby’ orgasming from reading his profile, while condemning those who describe their body type as ‘a few extra pounds’ for eating too much. I think you will agree that such vulgarity, which is prevalent across the site, does little to dispel accusations that the service is nothing more than a prostitute-client search engine.

Finally, and most hilariously, one of these sites in particular attempts to justify its sleazy and dangerous service with science. The site goes so far as to say that it merely replicates the laws of ‘human nature’, which date back to caveman days, wherein successful individuals desire young, attractive counterparts. It seems that the website has confused human nature with societal construct (or, indeed, utter tripe), and human relationships with an artificial experience that comes at a considerable fee, be it financially or emotionally.

‘Sugar Daddy’ sites do not simply provide a light-hearted way of connecting the wealthy to the beautiful, free of pretenses. What they ultimately bring to society is access to sugar-coated prostitution.

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