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Should you stay living at home for university? No


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Living at home whilst studying seems like the easy option for many. Yet the outward experience of leaving the nest is an essential part of growing up -and is also a lot more fun.

Moving into student accommodation is an important milestone for many, a developmental experience that allows many students to take their first steps into independence and having full control over their lives.

One of the greatest outcomes of moving away from home is the independence. You can do what you like when you like, become a libertine for a few rebellious weeks or even all year, and spend your time with whomever you wish. Yet many return to a state of normality and learn how to wash-up, cook, clean and just take general responsibility. These are really important skills to have, especially after graduation when it is time to look after yourself properly. Starting early only gives you the upper hand that prepares you for the ‘real’ world. Paying bills and other issues that usually our parents address is delegated to us so that we learn how to cope.

Through having to sort out our own issues we also learn how to balance work and leisure time as well as setting our priorities down -such as spending money on what and when. 

Moving away can broaden your horizon, allowing you to see more of the world and to meet new people, creating a whole new group of friends. Social skills are improved after a student leaves home, benefitting not only a person’s wellbeing but also their later choices in employment -rumour has it communication is a skill many of us lack.

However, when moving out, we are not fully dumped in the deep end and have the option to receive government grants and loans for a helping hand in learning how to deal with money before beginning full time work.

As a result of a number of factors, our maturity also increases and although it does not cancel out having fun, we are more respected and looked upon as an adults, being able to engage in conversations with people that we may have never previously have talked too. On many occasions, the relationship with the parents usually advances.

For many of us, though, it is the amount of house parties or drunken antics that has made us happy to have had our own place. Especially after the confusion of there being a road sign blocking your corridor or a cone in bed beside you. 

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