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Why banning Olympics volunteers from Twitter is a good thing


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The world of Facebook and Twitter have changed the world of journalism -even created an entire new genre known as citizen journalism. Many in the industry have said it’s damaging: with so much online content posted up by anyone with a twitter account, journalists are finding it difficult to hold down a job.  

It has now been revealed that Olympic volunteers are banned from using social media during the games, and I for one fully support the ban.

As many of us are student journalists, I’m sure we have all been asked to write how citizen journalism has impacted our future or current work place, and the outcome I’m certain we all found was negative. Jobs are harder and harder to come by as everyone is spreading news on their Twitter accounts and other social websites, so why open it up to a further 70,000 people to do so?   

With the Olympics being one of the biggest events in the world there will be plenty of news stories to report on: who wins gold, who doesn’t live up to expectations and as always there will be stories about everything in between. It sounds like a lot of news but in reality there is just enough news for professional journalists to report on. So why give non-journalists the opportunity to report when they are involved in the job of a lifetime, seeing the games for free, the same games many others will pays £100+ to watch in person?   

It might seem like the organisers are taking away the volunteers right to free speech but the main reason they are there is simple:  they want to be a part of history and help run the event as smoothly, taking the experience as their reward. So I doubt it's on their list of priorities to tweet as much as they can, tell the world they just walked past Usain Bolt or just simply bother the athletes and snap them for their profile pictures.     

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