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TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore... has this kind of 'reality' run its course? No

15th June 2012

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With shows like The Only Way Is Essex, Made in Chelsea and even Geordie Shore growing ever in popularity, it is no wonder why reality shows are essentially dominating TV. With their dramatic, unrealistic plots, and embarrassingly relatable characters, reality TV has an appeal -and whether we like to admit it or not, they undoubtedly possess a quality that draws us in. 

Every channel you flick through will exhibit some element of reality, whether it’s the Kardashians dominating the continents, or a group of four cooking for money, shown in Come Dine With Me. Reality has taken over our television, and we must ask why.

What is so appealing about real life, and why have fictional shows suffered because of this? The answer, how easy they are to watch. You are not intellectually challenged by reality TV shows, and you are even rewarded for your mental abilities, when you compare them to the dim-witted characters these TV shows depict.  As well as feeling an ego boost, you get to see how the other half live. Compare the lives shown in firstly The Only Way is Essex, and secondly Made In Chelsea. While they both lavish in luxuries and money is not a problem, their personal mannerisms are in no way similar. Whether you prefer the superfluous, pretentious lives of those from Chelsea, or the more humble and brash lives from Essex, the two shows undoubtedly allow you to delight in both, and this is what is appealing about reality TV.

Its main attraction is in allowing you to be transported to a new life that you may not be part of, to analyse and make judgements about this life, and to delight in the drama that the life provides.

While it may not provide the most intellectual experience, it is essentially harmless. I do not advocate watching abundance of reality TV, as some shows are to some extent degrading and not beneficial for anyone. Geordie Shore for example does not allow you to experience how those from Newcastle live; it allows you to watch a group of adults humiliating themselves doing various activities, under one condition: heavy intoxication. Exposing teenagers to embarrassing antics, celebrated on TV as being humorous, will do more harm than good.

For now though, we should revel in our enjoyment of reality TV. While it may be a guilty pleasure of ours, there is nothing wrong with finding enjoyment from the dramatic lives of other people, who are not created, but exist, in real life.

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