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London 2012: A worthwhile investment in your future?


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OlympicsNo matter whether or not you care about the London 2012 Olympic Games or not, there’s no denying the positive effects the pending games have had on the British nation.

It has helped to create many job opportunities in a number of sectors in an economy that is in desperate need of employment. It has inspired our youth to get fit and get involved in sports in the hopes of participating in the Games one day and, most importantly, it has removed some of the cynicism from the UK population and replaced it with smiles and laughter, (although some credit must be given to the lovely sunshine). Now the question is; can UK students profit from this historic event?

As the 27th of July, the date of the iconic opening ceremony rapidly approaches, we here at TNS were wondering how you guys can and have profited from the event.

Let’s take a look at the opportunities that the Games have provided over the past few years, the obvious are the job opportunities. The Games have created 30,000 construction jobs and 50,000 permanent jobs.

The media has been abuzz about how great an opportunity it would be to be able to write: worked at the London 2012 Olympic Games on a CV but, is that really that much of a privilege and will it open doors for recent graduates and current students?

Let’s look at the roles available for students at the Games. London 2012 contractors are hiring students in one of five different areas: catering and hospitality, cleaning and waste, events services, retail and security. You don’t really need a degree to do any of these jobs so, how exactly will working these jobs lead to a good profitable career?

The truth is that it probably won’t -these jobs are a short-term solution to student unemployment. The simple fact is that thousands of people have and will work for the Olympic Games. Things are only held in high esteem if few people covert it, when you take this into account, this ‘privilege’ becomes more like a bronze instead of a gold medal.

That being said, these jobs are a great opportunity to network. As well as athletes, the Games will be filled with a host of very, very important people, people who work in the sectors that students will hope to get into after graduating. Working any of these jobs will give students the rare opportunity to perhaps make a lasting impression on those who could be their future employers.

There are also a number of voluntary and creative opportunities for young people to showcase their talents. There will be opportunities for aspiring journalists, broadcasters and a number of opportunities in production. Exposure like this could really boost a CV!

Podium, the Further and Higher Education Unit for the 2012 Games website, is loaded with a range of opportunities out there for students; these opportunities are rare and invaluable and could open doors in the future.

Tessa Jowell, Minister for Olympics and London said: “The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be the biggest and best event the UK has ever hosted. But the five weeks of the Games will not be the only test to our success.”

The fact of the matter is that the London 2012 Games can open doors for recent and current graduates but it is up to them to research and utilize this fantastic opportunity.

The Games may be indeed hosted in London but the opportunities and lasting effects that this event has created will go way beyond the capital.

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