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Beautiful and skint?


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Are you beautiful, talented, smart and a pleasure to be around? Are you good at small talk, graciously accepting of gifts and look-killer in a cocktail gown for dinner at an expensive hotel? Most importantly though, are you drop dead gorgeous and want to travel the world?

Well I have the perfect job for you.

You may be reading this and think this has got to be a joke, but, an internet dating site, claims to be able to provide travel for all you beautiful, skint people on the proviso that you are insanely attractive. claims to be a hub for good looking women to meet professionals such as business men, lawyers and other successful jetsetters who just can’t stand a long haul flight without your company. 

If them paying for your flight wasn’t enough, these lonely millionaires have plenty of money and want to lavish it all on you. It’s a hard life if you’re one of those beautiful people ey? As well as boasting free travel, brags of the possibility to earn frequent flyer miles which can be redeemed for travel anywhere as well as fiver star resorts and top rated dining experiences.

You may be thinking this sounds a bit too good to be true, or if your mind is like mine, you’re more likely to be thinking that this sounds more than a little bit sordid. However the site does point out several times that is “strictly an online dating website. Escorts are not welcome.”

Looking through many of the profiles however there is more than a hint of bonuses when you read their descriptions. One user even informs browsers she is a keen horse rider which inevitably “leads to me being quite flexible.”

Many other users refer to some “modelling experience" they posses and others the name drop the name of their finishing school.

This site begs the question: just what is your price? At the end of the day a man is paying to be in your company, you’re under no obligation to do anything untoward and on top of that you get to visit all the wonders of the world for free.

With many rumours, documentaries and articles describing exotic dancer students who dance to pay off their student loans and dirty talking sex lines who employ undergrads so that they can come out of university debt free, it is interesting to see women making their most of their assets and literally going far in the world.

The site was founded by Brandon Wade, who self certifies himself as a “leading dating expert”. He also is the founder of other sugar daddy sites (see previous TNS coverage here), including, which boasts the likes of Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan as endorsers, and as well as

The website is presented with a flirty looking female in a short dress and urges women that “Life is short and there are many places to see, what are you waiting for? Sign up now for a free account and start travelling today. Now boarding.”

In a world where everything is about money, it’s a nice idea that if you're beautiful you can kick back, enjoy the sun, put up with a man who’s weirdly a lot like your dad and let your face do all the work while you soak up the rays.

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