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Is blinding someone a worse crime than taking away their life?


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On the 13th April, one of the most disgusting stories I have ever read popped up on my Facebook.

A lot of us have seen the films such as 'Hostel' and have probably heard of the sick, immoral murders that took place in Ukraine, but never expected something of similar proportion in a setting as idyllic as Cornwall. A man is due to be sentenced next month after admitting "grievious bodily harm with intent" after gouging out his girlfriend's eyes.

However, is this confession taking away from what actually happened?

Tina Nash has come out and said the attack had left her "feeling buried alive, claustrophobic, and not in control of my life".

Although the doctors did try to find a way to give her back partial sight, there was no solution and she is now blinded for life.

Sight is something that we often take for granted. If we could never smell again, we would probably get over it and this would also be the case if we lost our taste, but sight is one of the most precious gifts we have been given. It is also a necessity for many people. Imagine this now; you wake up one morning blind. You have spent the first half of your life being able to see and suddenly your world is turned upside down. You will never watch your sports team win the cup. You will never see the natural beauty the world has to offer. You will never see your partner, your family or your friends. You will never see again.

Given the question, perhaps some people would prefer to die rather than have their sight taken away. And with all due respect to people who are blind, be it from birth or otherwise, some people may ask: what sort of a life would it be if you were blind? Yes you would manage and you would carry on living to the best of your ability, but life would truly never be the same again.

Does this man deserve the same sentence as a murderer? Judging by the article, manslaughter is something that the judge will no doubt be quick to give. But altough this woman lives on, she will be starting a new life. If he has taken away her right to a life, surely he deserves no less than to spend the rest of his behind bars? What do you think?

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