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Calling All Students to Vote in their SU Elections


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Campuses all over the country are teeming with campaigners for various Students Union Executive positions and society committee places for next year. Here are some of the reasons why you should take an interest and vote and / or run in an election at your university.  

Union electionsThe majority of people are currently getting annoyed at being continually badgered to 'vote for me' by random students with bright placards and t-shirts on their way to a 9 o'clock lecture; on their way home; and even on nights out.

What's more you can't even escape the incessant campaigns at home as they're all over Facebook and university intranet sites. Give it a couple of weeks and it won't just be the SU Exec any more, but all of the societies as well as they hold their Annual General Meetings (AGM).

What's all the fuss about then? Why should you take an interest in these annoying people? And more importantly, why should you vote?

Let's start with the candidates. While it may seem that they are an annoying obstacle placed on campus for students who actually have lectures to attend, they are actually highly driven, passionate people. 

They are campaigning to dedicate a year to representing you in your Student’s Union. Towards this goal they have spent the last few weeks stood on freezing cold campuses (it’s not yet Summer) chanting to a multitude of students who aren’t interested. Anyone who has done any campaigning, flyering or charity collections will know how disheartening it is when everyone that walks past you not only ignores you but does so with contempt. And yet they have kept on going, a sign that truly shows their commitment to representing you next year.

What will they do for you? They are in charge of running Fresher’s Week and Fresher’s Fair, the societies, the sports clubs, representational support and welfare, the food and drink prices in the SU, student accommodation and much more.

Essentially, they run everything that you can get involved in at university apart from your studies. So, all of the important stuff! Surely it is only fair that we take a bit of time to listen to these individual candidates and their ideas so we can make informed decisions about who we want running our universities. If you feel that all of these things are run badly in your university then now is an even more important time for you: a time for change. Read through the manifestos online and see which candidates are offering some of the more radical policies that might really make a difference to you.

Finally most universities make it so easy for you to vote in your SU Elections, just ask any of the candidates and they will be able to tell you how. Now you really have no excuse!

After these elections are over I then urge you to get involved in a committee AGM. Society committees run everything that a society does throughout the year: socials, events and activities. Getting involved in a society’s committee can really help you shape your society. What’s more, holding a committee position for a year not only looks great on your CV but is also so much fun. The initial running may seem terrifying but it is only a short sharp pain from which you will be reaping the rewards for the next year and possibly your life: just like getting a piercing or tattoo (unless it turns sceptic of course).

I ultimately urge you to conquer student apathy and get out there, show an interest and vote. After all, once you’ve voted you can turn round to the campaigners and reply ‘I’ve already voted’.

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