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Romney Wins Again


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America's Presidency nominations are well under way, with Mitt Romney storming to victory in New Hampshire. Jack Unwin asks what the future holds for the Republicans.

Mitt Romney stormed to his second successive primary victory in New Hampshire, winning the primary with 39.3% of the vote. Ron Paul came second with 22.9% of the vote; Rick Santorum’s brief momentum expired as he came fifth with 9.4% whilst Rick Perry suffered a horrendous night, polling just 0.7%. He has to do well in the next primary otherwise his candidate dreams are pretty much over.

It now looks very likely that Romney will be the Republican nomination for the Presidency. However, this is certainly not written in stone. A huge fight has emerged between himself and former speaker Newt Gingrich on who was the bigger corporate whore.  A few weeks ago when Gingrich in numerous polls was in the lead, Romney’s staff or PAC (Political Action Committee) along with Ron Paul ran attack ads on Gingrich, accusing him of being in the pocket of Freddie Mac, whose collapse also led to the implosion of American subprime mortgages.  As well as bringing up his tenure as speaker, in which he was fined $300,000 for ethics violations. But the most damning part of the attack ads was the claim that as speaker, he supported taxpayer funding of some abortions, which for a Republican candidate is about on a par with saying communism is a good thing, or that Osama Bin Laden was not a bad bloke.

The Gingrich campaign team have countered furiously with an attack ad pointing out that during his time as governor of Massachusetts he expanded access to abortion pills as well as government mandated healthcare with taxpayer funded abortions. Not only this, but his campaign also released a 30 minute documentary shining some light on Romney’s time at Bain Capital & Co, accusing him of being a corporate raider and a exploiter of small businesses. Gary Weiss for summed up the company brilliantly ‘[Bain Capital & Co] were the corporate equivalent of aliens in sci-fi movies who would roam the galaxy, seeking inhabited planets they could suck dry of natural resources’. Romney has in the recent past declared his delight at being able to fire people and that ‘corporations are people too’. His attacks on Gingrich were successful and led to his decline in the polls; but he may have also sown the seeds of his own downfall.

The next primary takes place today in South Carolina. This state is important as it the first primary in deep Republican territory. It will be interesting to see whether they accept the former governor. Will they believe his conversion from moderate governor to hard line Republican? Will the attack ads take their toll on him? The South Carolina primary is known for its dirty tactics. This nomination process is not over yet, but if Romney wins, the nomination beckons ever closer.


Results for New Hampshire Primary.


Mitt Romney PAC attack ad on Newt Gingrich.


Ron Paul attack ad on Newt Gingrich.


Newt Gingrich attack ad on Mitt Romney.


Newt Gingrich attack documentary, ‘When Mitt Romney came to town’.


Gary Weiss article.

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