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Is fame losing quality?

30th November 2011

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So here it is, Desperate Scousewives, E4’s eagerly awaited addition to the panthenon of area-based “reality” television shows such as the infamous Big Brother, Geordie Shore, The Only Way is Essex and the proposed We Are Leeds; all programmes I have never watched.

Desperate ScousewivesDespite the obvious dismay towards Desperate Scousewives, with tweets such as @hucks6dh6's "just when you thought #towie was the most ridiculous show on TV, just caught 2 minutes of #desperatescousewives frighteningly bad!" It is apparent that the majority of the British population enjoy watching these programmes.

May I ask, why?!

Of course, it is human nature to be nosey parkers. Gossiping has become a fundamental part of our social lives, albeit one of the worst ones and whilst we twist amongst societies awkward socialisations, desperate to spark an interesting conversation with the cute person at the bar, we spill our guts out about last night's episode. Our love for the "real" characters and our desire to be so much like them - we ALL do it.

Our fascinations with “celebrities” often lay at the bottom of our to-gossip lists. Whilst some of you may be in denial surrounding this fact, it's indeed inevitable; humans are curious. And there is no doubt that such programmes fuel our need and ability to gossip. Who's seeing who? What's the new trend - the scouse brow or "Vajazzleing"? Who's cheated on who? Who's had surgery?

But why is our nation entertained by such a lack of skills. The biggest complaint seems to be that of “fake acting” Well, the first problem with this? It's meant to be a reality show, so if it looks like they're "acting"... Think again!

I'd like to know who is to blame for allowing the British population to endure these "reality" television shows. The lack of imagination within our covert television producer’s minds is astonishing in this day and age. Is it them? Their writers? 

I've come to the conclusion that the "fame" we're so familiar with on television today, may not entirely deserve it; especially in named programmes. The lack of skills, knowledge and common sense posed by such individuals in these programmes is personally, shocking.

Or does the nation's squashed intelligence have a need for such gossip-filled, fake-tan scented, scouse brow-filled, dramatic programmes? Even popular shows such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Big Bang Theory and Coronation Street are fuelled by determination, skill and dedication to entertainment. They at least deserve fame and fortune. Whereas, the individuals we're familiar with today, Geordie Shore's Holly who describes herself as the most real "fake" person you'll ever come across (and often rounds off the night by getting into a fight) and The Only Way is Essex's Joey Essex and Nanny Pat do not possess the skills deserving of real fame.

And by real fame, I mean earning it through hard work and likable character. By real fame, I mean not being put in the spotlight by the means of nepotism, wealth and the need to exploit your size FF breasts to the entire country. Which leads me to my initial question... Is fame losing it's quality through the trend of reality television shows?

What's even more frustrating is the vocabulary these "inspirations" are spreading. Every time I see someone write "REEM", a part of me wants to punch that person in the face. The trend of "Vajazzleing" is also as cringe-worthy. What happened to the aspiring actors, singers and writers? Those who wanted to rule the world, make it greener. Instead, our society is being fueled by gossiping about the steroid driven, gel-plastered, surgery composed individuals who are leaving a rather orange stench on our televisions. I'd be interested in seeing some of their educational track records... I'm sure the majority of them got an A* in Drama, and not the acting kind.

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