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'If someone robbed a jewellery shop would they be let off lightly because the goods were advertised in the window?'


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The careless nature of the original comments (made by Toronto police officer Michael Sanguinetti) demonstrates that patriarchy is still damaging society and the immediate system of male rule is often the first train of thought.

It is important to clarify that the rapists are not the victims. They do not spontaneously become helpless uncontrollable beings at the sight of a pair of legs. Rape is a physically and emotionally violating crime and needs to be treated as such. If someone robbed a jewellery shop would they be let off lightly because the goods were advertised in the window? If someone stabbed another person would they be let off lightly by saying they were provoked? No. I wonder how many young girls have told a guy before taking him home that they don’t want to have sex only to have him try his luck over and over again until they eventually give in. Inviting someone back to your room does not give them an excuse to coerce you into sex after you firmly set the guidelines. Wearing a short skirt does not give someone a reason to be raped. On whatever level we all need to stand our ground and have our voices heard: Yes means yes, no means no!!!

All women should have the confidence to wear whatever the hell we want and the confidence to speak out when something is so clearly wrong. We are not ashamed of our own bodies and we will not stand for the reinforcement of sexual stereotypes through derogatory language, parliament bills or the media. Men are not wild creatures who cannot be controlled and women are not helpless sluts.

Lancaster’s answer to this movement asserted the rights of women and girls and in doing so did the cause proud, the participants were dignified yet strong, making an effective stance for the quiet city. I’m sure I speak on behalf of all the protestors when I say I will continue to represent women as strong, confident and will never be made to feel ashamed of our glorious bodies.

 I am a slut. What are you going to do about it?

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