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Festival Fever

8th March 2011

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Restless nights, constant panicking and wondering- will you get it, won’t you get it? All this mixed with the urge to jump around and sing (screech?)- Festival season must be approaching. The dreaded moment when it’s time to purchase your ticket and hoping the computer doesn’t crash! So what is up with this festival hype? Why do teens and adults alike jump on the festival bandwagon? At the end of the day you’re essentially paying an absolute fortune for the privilege of jumping around in an over-crowded, sweaty and probably muddy crowd. Or is that the beauty of it?

I have to admit when I went to my first festival I was dreading it, camping with no bed and no private shower- you can jog on mate! However, I soon changed my tune. The atmosphere at a festival is absolutely electric. Maybe it’s just the mixture of booze, fatty foods and of course the fantastic bands that does it? But for me, my friends made the festival. Exams, coursework, all done, just you, your mates and a camp fire. Pure bliss.

In our society it’s all about superficiality. What do you work as? How much money does that make? What phone do you have? What car do you drive? Sometimes what we really need to do is just strip all our materialistic fat away and look at our bare bones. And ironically if you can afford it- a festival is the perfect place to do it. (Or if your student loans won’t stretch that far, camping with your friends works just as well.) There’s something simply beautiful about setting up a camp with your mates, building your home (no matter how primitive) and just sitting back and watching the world go by.

And that’s just the start of the festival. The surreal feeling of seeing your favourite band on stage, alive and in the flesh is a fantastic feeling. At a festival you can really let go, escape from the rest of the world and enter your own little world for three days. Everyone needs a little escapism once in a while. Being in a crowd really brings people together. People who were once strangers become new-found friends. Being in a crowd at a festival is a unique experience in which an unspoken comradery is sustained only by one common goal - to enjoy yourself.

Is the dirt, sweat, mud, sunburn, restless nights, ringing ears and hangovers worth it? Yes sir! I’d take a muddy tent and greasy burger over a five star hotel and gourmet dinner any day.

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