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23rd February 2010

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Mephedrone/MCAT/Meow Meow seems to be the current drug of choice amongst students. Whatever you may like to call it, this powdered plant fertilizer is "Only two molecular tweaks away from Crystal Meth".meow meow

As for the "But it's legal" argument: No it isn't, not for you.

It is an industrial fertilizer that is legal to buy as food for your flowers, but is illegal under the Medicines Legislation to sell, supply, advertise or consume for/to humans. I guarantee that any of you who have bought Mephedrone have seen the "Not intended for human consumption" and "Plant food" labels on the bag, laughing them off as ironic jokes. Unfortunately your supplier is not intending to make you laugh, but intending to cover his back and prevent himself from being arrested.

The danger of drugs like this being advertised as "Legal" is that it tricks people who would not normally take illegal drugs into thinking that they are safe. I am speaking from personal experience as a school friend of mine, Hester Stewart died on the 26th April last year after taking GBL, another "legal high" similar to Mephedrone, thinking that it was safe as it was advertised as a "legal high".

This particular drug was known by scientists to be more dangerous than Ecstasy, turning into the date-rape drug GHB in the stomach, and consequently leaving the consumer in a Coma, yet it was still available as a 50p alternative to alcohol over the internet.

Since Hester's death, we friends and family have successfully campaigned to illegalize the drug, ridiculously, only to Class C, even though it is banded as Class A in other countries. Nonetheless I am determined that the same should happen to Mephedrone and other "legal highs" as the list of resultant deaths grows, and because some, like Mephedrone have not been around long enough recreationally for scientists to truly know the affects they have on the body.

That said, current trends have shown that Mephedrone can lead to asphyxiation, convulsions, cardiac arrest, coma, fitting, nose-bleeds, paranoia, depression, suicide and death: not that safe then I guess. I am not naive enough to think that if this drug was made illegal, people would stop taking it, but at least then they would know that it was dangerous enough to be illegal, and would maybe think twice, especially considering that children as young as 11 have been reported to have used it.

People my age have the tendency to brush worries aside, thinking that bad things will never happen to them and that risks are over-hyped by the media, but unfortunately this simply isn't the case with "legal highs".

Even if you have taken Mephedrone 20 times before, or have friends who take it every weekend, it does not mean that the next time you do, you won't suffer a heart attack or go into a coma. The chemical makeup changes from batch to batch, and "legal highs" can be cut with hundreds of dangerous chemicals, so the way your body responds is unpredictable and can change dramatically from hit to hit. UNISEX warns:

"One of the biggest dangers with Mephedrone comes from the fact it has never been medically tested on humans.As such, almost nothing is known about its long-term physical or mental effects, both of which could be considerable. The current users of Mephedrone are its test subjects."

So on top of all the potential immediate side-effects, there may well be dangerous long-term ones too.

It can't be worth the risk?

I urge you to please not brush aside my article as unnecessary and not risk your life on these "legal highs". I have lost a friend to them and I do not want to sit back and watch as other people die. You are being scammed in the worst possible way: the people selling you these drugs do not care about your life, they care about your money and the fact that you are already beginning to depend on their drugs for a good time.

Don't be the next Mephedrone-related drug statistic, invest in an allotment.

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