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Which country has the highest graduate employment rate in the EU?


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Malta has the highest graduate employment rate in the EU while Greece has the lowest, new figures reveal.

Research carried out by The Knowledge Academy, a site that offers bespoke training sessions, found that Malta has the highest employment rates for recent graduates, with 94.5% in work.

Germany secured second place with 90.9%, followed by the Netherlands with a graduate employment rate of 90.4%.

In the UK, graduate employment rates stand at 86.6%, which is 4.6% higher than the target set for EU countries.

A 2018 report by the European Commission shows that Member States have made progress in meeting the 82% employment rate target by 2020.

Source: The European Commission

The statistics reflect the numbers of recent graduates (those who have graduated within the last one to three years) aged between 20-34 who are in employment and not in any further education or training.

In contrast, the three countries with the lowest graduate employment rate include Croatia (65.9%) and Italy (55.2%). 

Greece has the lowest graduate employment rate out of the 28 EU countries. Just over half of recent graduates (52.0%) are employed.

Joseph Scott, a spokesperson for The Knowledge Academy, said:   

“We’re not worlds away from achieving the average employment rate Member States are striving for. Almost half the countries included in our table meet the grade, whilst a few even exceed it.

"It is therefore encouraging for countries with lower rates, such as Greece, Italy and Croatia, who will hopefully utilise the comparable data to improve circumstances for their graduates. Afterall, investing in education across Europe will benefit us all.

"If we produce graduates who can make a success of their life, we can create a sustainable workforce of confident and competitive grads ready to overcome anything.”

Lead image credit: Pixabay via Pexels

Graph source: European Commission

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