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Goldsmiths hand delivers letter to protesters warning them of disruptive behaviour


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Goldsmiths uni has released an open letter in an attempt to put an end to the occupation at Deptford Town Hall.

Hamna Imran, a candidate running for Education Officer, had her posters vandalised with 'Wote Hamna' in an attempt to mock her accent. The incident was reported as a hate crime by the candidate.  

A group calling themselves Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action occupied Deptford Town Hall on Tuesday in response to what they deemed an unsatisfactory outcome to the reported hate crime.

In the open letter, hand-delivered by Goldsmiths staff, the university say it exceeds the protestors' demands in many places.

Responding to Hamna's report, Goldsmiths argue that they responded to the incident 'formally within five working days.' 

Since the investigation is still ongoing, they cannot comment further on the case.

The uni also announced 'significant new investment in student support services, with £100,000 to be spent between now and August on additional specialist mental health and wellbeing staff.'

In addition, they outlined plans to work with student and staff unions on mandatory race awareness training in the next academic year.

Goldsmiths denied claims made by the student occupiers around discrimination against security and cleaning staff, claiming that security staff earn the London Living Wage.

A photograph uploaded to the organisation's social media page shows an annotated letter, with the capitalised word 'LIES' written next to claims made by the university.

Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action has responded critically to the points made in the letter, addressing each point in turn and declaring that they will not leave Deptford Town Hall.

Goldsmiths have issued a warning to the protestors, claiming that their behaviour is 'endangering the safety of security staff.' 

They further stipulate that the 'current behaviour' of the protestors is 'impacting on the learning environment of other students.' 

The occupiers responded saying the majority of the letter 'is filled with completely blatant lies from the disgustingly racist senior management.'

More to follow

Image Credit: Robert Liow, letter image credit Goldsmiths Anti Racist Action

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