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These twin sisters celebrated their A-Level results over video-call


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Twin sisters Liv and Charlotte Nicoll video-called each other as their A-Level results were released this morning. 

The 18-year-old sisters managed to overcome a nine-hour time difference in order to share the moment together. 

They both studied for their exams at Wrekin College in Wellington, but with Liv just starting a gap year in Sydney, Austrailia, their results were revealed to each other whilst on different sides of the world. 

Their mother, Andy Nicoll explained that the two girls are extremely close but have very different personalities.

'They have worked hard to be individuals and Wrekin College has been particularly good and supporting this,' she said. 'It doesn't surprise me that they are picking up their results in different parts of the world.'

Andy also explained that she was delighted to see them both do incredibly well and for them to go into adulthood with their own individual personalities.

'I am so proud of them both. It was a very emotional morning in our house. They were so happy and upset at the same time and probably did need that special sister hug from each other, but thanks to technology, they could enjoy the next best thing.'

Charlotte achieved two A's and a B, confirming her place to study at Warick, whilst Liv obtained an A and two B's, preparing to study English at Surrey after her gap year.

After her degree, Charlotte intends to be a curator and is planning on travelling and completing a ski season before she graduates.

Liv is participating in her gap year at one of Austrailia's top schools.

She is currently working as a classroom assistant, aiding the subjects of English and Art, as well as helping out with house boarding duties. 

Wrekin College prides itself on its comprehensive exchange programme with links with seven top schools within New Zealand, Austrailia and Africa.

More than a dozen pupils are sent overseas each summer after they have obtained their GCSE's. 

A massive well congratulations to all students collecting their results today!

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