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These are the best universities in the country, according to The Guardian


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The Guardian University Guide for 2019 has been released. The overall table takes into consideration satisfaction with teaching, course, feedback, and spending per student. 

The University of Lincoln and Nottingham Trent have witnessed huge jumps in the table compared to 2018.

Nottingham Trent is now a top 20 university, moving from 34th place in 2018 to 16th - jumping a total of 18 points and scoring higher than some Russell Group universities.

Leah Betteridge, a second-year Veterinary Nursing student who studies on the Brackenhurst campus said:

"It's just good to know I'm going to one of the top universities and great to know I'm being taught by some of the best lecturers too."

Betteridge regarded the current changes on campus as reasons for the ranking. 

"I can't talk for the other two campuses, but [Brakenhurst] is expanding a lot with a new head of campus, new car park, and new accommodation being built."

However, not all Nottingham Trent students feel like the new league table ranking is justified. 

Second-year mathematics student, Chloe Shepherd, said she did not think the university's ranking should be that high:

"The problem with Trent is it has gotten quite a bad reputation lately. Like they're sort of known as the party university because it claims to have the best student union. 

"Personally I don't think it should be that high. The mathematics and science school is pretty bad and unorganised but I can't say for the rest of the university." 

For mathematics, Nottingham Trent University is ranked 31 out of 66. 

The University of Lincoln made a 25 point jump from 47th place in last year's league tables to 22 in 2019.

According to the Lincoln uni's twitter feed, this is the highest the university has ever ranked in the Guardian League table.

Final year law student, Gaby Morely, said:

"I’m glad Lincoln has made such a huge jump in the league tables, as now more people can discover the wide-ranging support and opportunities available here."

However, Morley admitted that she hadn't noticed any significant differences to justify the jump up the league table.

"The jump in league tables reflects the number of investments made into the university [...] beyond the new buildings and facilities which benefit certain courses and students, for the general student population there hasn’t been much change which would support the huge jump."

The top three places remain the same as last year with Cambridge, Oxford and St Andrews claiming first, second and third place respectively.  

Loughborough secured the fourth position, jumping up two places from last year. 

Bucks New University ranks 121st, coming last in the table and falling by one place compared to 2018. 

Glyndwr University, which ranked last in 2018, is now ranked joint 97th place with Birmingham City University. 

The University of Sheffield ranks top for Journalism, with Oxford Brookes and Cardiff claiming second and third places respectably.

Imperial College London remains the highest ranking London university. 

The top 10 universities are:

1. Cambridge

2. Oxford

3. St Andrews

4. Loughborough

5. Durham

6. Bath

7. Imperial College

8. Warwick

9. Lancaster

10. Leeds

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