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A university security guard allegedly grabbed a student by her breasts and pushed her


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A temporary security guard at the University of London has been filmed physically and sexually assaulting student protestors.

On Tuesday, students attempted to enter Senate House to stage a sit-in in support of outsourced workers. 

The organisation 'Justice for University of London Workers' originally posted a video on their page but later removed it. They also allege that a security guard kicked and dragged two protestors before grabbing UCL Women's Officer Justine Canady by the breasts and pushing her backwards. 

When questioned about the assault, the group allege that the guard said he would "rather put [his] dick in a grinder" than have sex with Canady. 

In a statement, UCL student Canady said she was shocked at the assault:

"I am still shocked how someone would possibly think it was a good idea to grab my breast to try and intimidate me. This is disgusting and unacceptable, as was the misogynist abuse directed my way after he sexually assaulted me.

"University of London cannot keep putting students at risk by hiring in untrained and violent temp security staff."

The same temporary guard allegedly kicked third year UCL student Jack Kershaw in the knees and forced another student into a headlock between his knees. He then proceeded to drag her across the floor by the ankles. 

Jack Kershaw explained that the university's actions are putting students at risk.

"We approached the cafe door to enter the university building but as soon as I stood next to the security officer he became aggressive, shouting in my ear to leave and kneeing and kicking me in the legs.

Kershaw further added that he was sitting in the doorway when the guard "tried to drag me and another student out of the way, then closed the door on my arm."

A University spokesperson said:

"We are deeply concerned about allegations of physical and sexual assault on students who were protesting at the University of London.

The University of London and its provider of security services, Cordant Services, take allegations of physical and sexual assault or other inappropriate behaviour very seriously and urge those involved to raise these issues with the appropriate channels for thorough investigation."

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