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Free Speech University Rankings 2018: Only six universities have no restrictions on speech


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It has been revealed that 46% of universities surveyed by the Free Speech University Rankings hold censorious transgender policies. 

According to the rankings, universities including Leeds Beckett, Newcastle and Imperial appear to ban 'transphobic propaganda' outright. 

St. Andrews, Sussex and Cardiff commit themselves to ridding the curriculum of 'transphobic material.' 

The Free Speech University Rankings is an annual, nationwide analysis of campus censorship in the UK, it was set up by the online magazine Spiked.

The research was conducted by examining the policies and actions of 115 universities and students' unions.  

The FSUR 2018 shows that 55% of universities are ranked red meaning they actively censor speech compared to the 6% marked green with no restrictions on speech.

On the website, universities are ranked in a traffic light system: red, amber and green.

University of Buckingham, Hertfordshire, Robert Gordon, Trinity St David, UWS and Winchester are the only ones ranked green. Although they warn against offensive messages, these warnings remain relatively minor. 

Under the trans equality guidance, universities are marked red if their 'programme content will not rely on, or reinforce, stereotypes or assumptions about trans people.' 

FSUR coordinator Tom Slater said:

"In some of our most esteemed universities, supposed citadels of free-thinking and scientific endeavour, administrations are demanding that debate about transgenderism be shut down and courses be cleansed of un-PC material. 

"While, over the past few years, students have got a lot of flak for their attempts to no-platform allegedly transphobic feminists, many universities already appear to no-platform allegedly transphobic ideas and texts.

"Taking the transgender policies and religion policies together, it seems there are both new and old blasphemies on campus that students commit at their peril," says Slater. 

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