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Frozen Embryos Sue Sofia Vergara


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In one of the more bizarre news stories of the week, actress Sophia Vergara has been sued. By whom you ask? Her own fertilised eggs.

Vergara's engagement with businessman Nicholas Loeb was called off in May 2014 and over two years later this unique custody battle has came to a head. 

The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the two embryos 'Isabella' and 'Emma'. The couple created the embryos during a round of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and signed an agreement stating that nothing could happen to the embryos without consent from both parents. However, as California law requires an explicit statement as to what would occur in the event of a split, Loeb is arguing that the agreement should be thrown out.

Loeb is stating that control over the frozen embryos should be given to him so that the embryos can be brought to term, and inherit a trust fund created in their name. The 41-year-old businessman has likened Vergara's wish for the eggs to remain frozen to effectively killing the children.

Whilst this seems like an odd proposal, under Chapter 3 of Louisiana health law a fertilised egg is considered to be a 'juridical person' until the point of implantation. Vergara's lawyer has reported that she wishes for the eggs to remain frozen indefinitely as she no longer wishes to have children with her ex-fiance. 

The lawsuit brings many interesting questions to light. Does a mother or father have a greater right to embryos? And at what point exactly is a fertilised egg considered a human life?

The lawsuit has been filed in Louisiana, a traditionally pro-life state, as this is where the trust fund was created for the embryos. One thing's for sure, it's set to create quite a storm. 

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