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The top ten April Fools jokes of 2015


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From CERN confirming the existence of ‘the force’ to London getting a pygmy-hippo cafe and Jeremy Clarkson going green, some cracking April Fools jokes were made this year.

Here are our Top Ten April Fools jokes of 2015, in no particular order...

Newcastle University Students’ Union were on the ball this morning with an April Fools regarding Zayn Malik, who recently left One Direction. With his recent departure from the boy band being a popular topic, their brilliantly thought through prank was in regards to what he was going to do next, post-1D - and that was to start a three year course in Countryside Management in September. Not too believable, but brilliantly funny regardless. Good job Newcastle.

Believable for those less scientific perhaps but definitely not for Star Wars fans, CERN's Hadron Collider researchers claimed to have been researching the existence of four main forces; ‘the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force and gravity’, and that they had recently found unshakable evidence for the existence of ‘the force’. A clever joke and if it weren’t for the quotes from Star Wars character’s posing as researchers such as, ‘CERN Theorist Ben Kenobi of the University of Mos Eisely, Tatooine’ I may have fallen for it; well done CERN.

The Metro followed the recent trend of animal petting cafes with their announcement of a pop-up Pygmy hippo cafe. A more believable April Fools, as there’s been a number of animal-involved cafes popping up recently, though this would be a far cry from a cat cafe. According to their article, an outdoor cafe in Regent’s Park would play host to some cute pygmy hippos flown over from Switzerland, for eight days this June. Adorable pictures, believable topic - many people must have been fooled.

The Guardian released a fantastically funny Fools this morning, about TV-presenter and known motor Jeremy Clarkson going green. A topical, controversial figure at the moment, The Guardian claimed him to be the latest celeb to join and back The Guardian’s fossil fuel divestment campaign in an attempt to win back the trust of the British public. That he had been ‘re-evaluating his priorities’ and wanted to devote his time and efforts to sustainable energy, may have been believed by many since the recent controversy involving him and aTop Gear co-worker last month. As a known petrolhead, this was a hard prank to believe but given recent events some may have been fooled.

Another Jeremy Clarkson related April Fools came from Oxford's, announcing him to be the successor of former Oxford University Vice-Chancellor, Andrew Hamilton. A brilliantly bad photoshopped picture of the two shaking hands and quotes from angry students not wanting him to be Vice-Chancellor made this greatly funny.

Cambridge University had students fooled this morning by sticking signs on doors throughout the university, falsely notifying students that the doors had been upgraded to only be opened by voice recognition and thus having students shouting their name at doors, as per the instructions, in failed attempts to open them. Apparently the Physics department found it particularly funny.

Epigram, The University of Bristol’s student newspaper, announced that many Bristol students could expect to have future exams in a local Sainsbury’s branch, playing on the fact that some exams of theirs have been hosted in Bristol City’s football ground and Temple Meads. Not exactly your usual exam hall venue, however something that many a university student can relate to - having had exams in interesting locations myself when the class numbers have been too big, this was not an entirely unbelievable Fools. A quote from a student ‘looking forward to having easy access to snacks’ during the exam was a brilliant addition.

Pink News pranked their readers this morning with news that Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg would be joining hook-up app Grindr in an attempt to reach out to potential voters in the local gay community, stating he would reply to their messages regardless of how ‘raunchy’ they might be.

Tesco posted a funnily photoshopped picture of customers, including TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh, contentedly jumping on bouncy trampoline aisles to reach food on the top shelves. Announcing this to be an innovative shopping experience aid; helping customers to reach food that’s hard to get to, and to ‘speed up their shopping trip’, I really wanted this to be true.

This morning Playstation had some gaming fans fooled with their announcement of a new ‘immersive’ gaming enhancer, ‘Playstation Flow’, used to connect real-life swimming with characters swimming within games. This new gaming equipment, which is essentially just fancy looking armbands and thighbands, meant that your swimming movements would be sent back to your Playstation in real-time, with goggle substitutes streaming the game data for you to see as you swim and waterproof earplugs to immerse you in the sound of the game. All-in-all a pretty detailed, technical April Fools and thus it had many people fooled.

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