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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 14/01/2019


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Christmas is far behind us, there's drama in the political sphere, the temperatures are beyond cold and of course, many of us have deadlines galore. It's safe to say we could all do with a little bit of uplifting. This week, we've unearthed gems from a variety of genres to get you through the January blues - from indie-pop bops and atmospheric synth to energetic remixes and chill, we've got you covered. 

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Ten Tonnes - Better Than Me

Ethan Barnett, aka Ten Tonnes boasts masterful song-writing and hard-hitting vocals in his latest single, ‘Better Than Me’. Obscure lyrics such as "I’ve got an elephant on my back’"combined with the more relatable "If you find out who you are and where you are going / And you find someone who loves you when you weren't even trying / You're doing better than me’" affirm this as an upcoming indie anthem.

‘Better Than Me’ is a masterclass in how to write an instant hit, even though Ten Tonnes is yet to gain the attention he deserves. Despite being pop giant’s George Ezra’s younger brother, Ten Tonnes is firmly making his own name for himself. This new release is indicative of a growing catalogue of infectious indie-pop bops, which promises great things for his debut album due out on 5th April.

Mandolin Orange – The Wolves

Folk-duo Mandolin Orange has premiered the final sneak peek of their upcoming Tides of a Teardrop, with ‘The Wolves’ being raw and personal, yet masterful and powerful in its production.

Singer-songwriter Andrew Martin leads the effortless vocal performance of the song, while multi-instrumentalist Emily Frantz accompanies him in the chorus.

Mandolin Orange has always had a lot of heart, and they’re only getting better and better.

Emily King – Look At Me Now

Emily King addresses an ex in ‘Look At Me Now’, singing “Did you see me driving with the windows down? You said I'd never do it, well, I figured it out”, repeatedly urging her past-lover to look at her now and all of her success and happiness.

Reminiscent of King’s most well-known track, ‘Distance’, the guitar solo is somewhat menacing before we get a sweet relief in the defiant chorus.

Laura Misch – Hibernate

Laura Misch’s January release initially seems like a lament of the freezing London temperatures, but the menacing lyrics and atmospheric production point to a deeper meaning.  Misch says of ‘Hibernate’, “if we could see that we are the environment then I'm sure we’d take better care of it", saying that she tried to make “the most glacial synth-saturated sound world I could”.

She has certainly achieved, with the 3:46-minute song feeling cold and menacing no matter the weather outside. Instrumentally-driven, with Misch’s vocals verbalising the desire to hibernate, it is a haunting reminder of the reality of both the society and environment we live in.

With all proceeds going to CRISIS UK to help the homeless, it’s worth checking out even more.

Glades, BAYNK – Off Limits

Sydney’s BAYNK has teamed up with Australian trio Glades with this catchy electro-pop release.

Urging a lover to open up, the song’s lyrics are contrasted with an incredible upbeat tone. Bursting with brassy hooks and layered vocals courtesy of Glades’ Karina Wykes, this secures BAYNK’s status as a breakout producer with limitless ability.

Angelo De Augustine – Tomb

Accompanied by minimalist instrumentals, Angelo De Augustine’s ‘Tomb’ from the album of the same name, merges the beautiful with melancholy. The heartache is evident in De Augustine’s soft vocals, yet there is a glimpse of hope that permeates the entirety of 'Tomb', in which he successfully navigates the balance between despair and optimism.

Nostalgia permeates much of his music, demonstrated by his album artwork which regularly features vintage photos of himself as a child. Reflecting on his musician father leaving when De Augustine was just five years old, he says "a big part of me was very against [music] for many years". After welcoming it into his life, Angelo De Augustine has been recording and writing in his home in California for the past 10 years.

While ‘Tomb’ is particularly striking, the entirety of Angelo de Augustine’s third album is emotive, stunning and bittersweet.

Self Esteem – The Best

Rebecca Taylor’s solo project ‘Self Esteem’ emerged in 2017, reincarnating musically after 10 years in duo Slow Club. Self Esteem featured on Django Django’s 2018 album Marble Skies with ‘Surface to Air’, which is possibly the strongest song on the entire record.

In ‘The Best’, Taylor repeatedly tells us that she ‘did the best that I could, babe’. Speaking of her new album as Self Esteem, Taylor said: “I wanted to make pop music for my fellow flawed, squashed and disgusting humans having a go at life”.

The Mouse Outfit (feat. IAMDDB and KinKai) – Feeling High (Lenzman Remix)

Lenzman is a drum and bass producer from Amsterdam who regularly works his magic through remixing. English hip-hop production team The Mouse Outfit created their best track yet with ‘Feeling High’, but the Lenzman remix injecting it with a boost that transforms it from the chilled 2018 release to a heavier sound, where rap and D&B merge effortlessly.

OTEO – Creature

The Cologne-based electro-pop duo’s ‘Creature’ continues their dance-worthy sound, where deep vocals meet electric production. Singer Alvin Paris sings, "There’s a creature and it only causes pain’" in this track that will definitely get your feet moving.  While Matteo Luis and Alvin Paris are temporarily separated physically, they have continued to create brilliant music through the incredible power of this thing called the internet.

OTEO’s Walking Blind EP will be released in February.

The Murder Capital – Feeling Fades

Having already played alongside Slaves and Shame, The Murder Capital had made a name for themselves before even having released a debut single. With a semi-spoken opening courtesy of frontman James McGovern, the Dublin-based band introduce themselves with a bang.

The band have said they are driven by the desire to affect cultural change. ‘Feeling Fades’ with its bold lyrics and heavy instrumental demonstrates this passionate motivation.

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