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Hear This: Iceage - Broken Hours


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Hailing from Denmark, Iceage is a postpunk quartet who shun studio polish for a sound that’s truer to life in its primordial chaos than the high-gloss sheen of many modern rock bands.

Image Credit: Paul Hudson via Flickr

The cover art on this year’s Beyondless is a testament to this more abstract ethos, which is continued in the track ‘Broken Hours’ – the second of two new releases since the album in May.

‘Broken Hours’ starts unusually with the skipping metallic 6/8 rhythm of a ride cymbal’s bell. Then a wall of guitars crashes in, filling in the frequency range. The guitars then pull up and we’re left with raw distorted bass for a few bars until a ringing lead intones the ride cymbal’s distinct rhythm. It’s this collision of elements and unapologetic interruption that characterises this track from beginning to end.

Vocalist Elias Bender Rønnenfelt dredges up enigmatic lyrics from the depths of melancholy, singing: “it spills right out of my head”. His vocal style also reflects the band’s loose and volatile energy, which congeals only intermittently into towering riffs.

It’s great to hear more from Iceage and we eagerly anticipate their developing contribution to the guitar band world. Listen to 'Broken Hours' now.

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