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Fresher Sounds - 02/11/2015


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The temptation to make this week’s column full of Christmas songs was all too much.

Though I resisted, instead letting the ads on the X Factor live shows act as my countdown. Come on Coca Cola advert, show your face.

After spending Halloween dancing away from a guy in the club dressed up as Boris Johnson, I’m more than ready to forget all that and take on the diet of Buddy the Elf.

If your head isn’t still pounding from excessive drinking while doing the Monster Mash on Saturday night, stick these in your ears.


Acre Tarn – FLEX

For UK electronic pop duo Acre Tarn, disjointed beats only highlight the perfection in the vocals. With an otherworldly range, the sleekness creates an enticing industrial soundscape to delve into. Futuristic and ghostly, the experimental pop is elegant and powerful.


Marcus Joseph – Anything in Life

Leicester’s Marcus Joseph is making us all talk, Real Talk, with his latest EP. Lead single Anything in Life is sleek and flourished with inspirational optimism. Classical jazz saxophone elegantly weaves between RnB dubbed beats. As Marcus’s lush spoken word flows with ease and passion ‘anything in life worth having is worth working for’. Let’s bare that in mind with the looming assignments.


Grimes – SCREAM ft. Aristophanes

If you’re still in the mood for a bit of weirdness and spookiness, look no further. Grimes’ latest offering from forthcoming album ‘Art Angels’ (Nov 6th) features native vocals from Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes. It screeches with electric guitar, pants with fury, and growls with pain. It even throws in some whistles scary enough to remind us of our primary school PE classes. It’s jarring, and not for the faint hearted.


Ballerino – Wet

Berlin born producer, and founding member of South London based artist collective ‘Squareglass’, Ballerino is all for pioneering approaches to production technique. Latest release, Wet, is just one half of double single with ‘Coward’. An art house inspired, silky sound with hypnotically smudged vocals. Synths bounce on a muffled, looping bassline, paying subtle homage to the origin of 80s house.


Bring Me the Horizon – True Friends

‘True friends stab you in the front’ proclaims front man Oli Sykes. Woosh. The latest single to come from monstrous fifth studio album ‘That’s The Spirit’, True Friends is a step towards more accessible, radio ready metal. Though it still has the ballsy scream. Chugging along with moody strings and aggressive vocals, it drags its feet on the floor.


Colder – Your Kind

Very much suited to how we’re all feeling, Colder’s latest single is icy and dark. Like a Monday morning. Following the announcement of his first album ‘Many Colours’ in ten years, his mature synth sound is gloomy on the underlay but lifted by a sonic, danceable coating. The sharpness cuts with breathy, echoed vocals. It’s even kinda sexy.


Tuff Love – Carbon

The Scottish dream pop duo certainly have the knack for spinning golden, heart achingly lovely lyrics in sun bleached vocals. Taken from their forthcoming EP, Carbon is delicate, with soulful harmonies and a glorious guitar melody. It’s blissfully calming. Nothing like how I felt learning the periodic table.


Shigeto – Do My Thing

Born Zach Saginaw, Shigeto’s latest EP ‘Intermission’ is all about the Detroit musician-come-producer finding a new direction. So, it’s suitably named. Single, Do My Thing, shape shifts between ideas with various elements of percussion, beats evolving into form and instrumental melodies. All kissed with his jazz synth finish. I think I even hear the triangle in there, among the pounding drums.


Hippo Campus – Violet

Hippo Campus describe themselves as ‘kinda pop’ and they’re kinda right. Latest single Violet has a rebellious streak, penned to express their discontent with the American culture. They’re not big on the idea of the capitalist structure of the American dream. So much so that they destroy ice cream sundaes. Euphoric melodies surge and soar with dynamic vocal range and a melancholic, sugared hook. It’s ironically brilliant.


CANVAS – Another Time

For the Swedish brothers, their new musical voyage CANVAS is a departure from the US punk rock scene. Listening to latest single Another Time, you’d never guess that these lads had been in hardcore bands and carried boards to skate on everywhere. Their ethereal vocals lather luxuriously over playful keys and delicate melodies. A subtle groove parties underneath, building boldly filling layers.


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