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Fresher Sounds - 28/09/2015


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This week in the music world, Paloma Faith got slated for her Rugby World Cup theme song, and so did Sam Smith for his Bond one.

If you're going to make a song to be attached to things people are fanatical about it's best not to make them annoying or mediocre - people don't like that!

The ‘Happy Birthday to You’ song might be free from copyright now, Lana Del Rey answered phone calls from fans, and Kanye West compared himself to Buddy the elf.

So, it was just casual really.

But never mind about all that, here's some more out our picks of the best new music we've heard over the last week. 


Sundara Karma – Vivienne

There’s a grungy bassline, and some strong vocals that bellow above an infectious pop hook. As an angst ridden love song, the band push limits with raw lyricism and are seemingly headed for arenas. Though, for now they’re hitting the road with The Wombats and Circa Waves, then rushing back to Reading to host their local club night. Which sounds pretty banging.

Halsey – New Americana

The more eager of you would have already heard the single from this badass internet sensation, Halsey, who appeared from thin air one day and is rightfully here to stay. Lifted from her concept debut album Badlands, satirical ‘New Americana’ brings out the killer warrior side with jubilant drums and chant worthy chorus.

So join the New Americana, ‘raised on Biggie and Nirvana’.

Rejjie Snow – Blakkst Skn (feat. Rae Morris)

Bouncy production from Kaytranada only adds to Irish rapper Rejjie Snow’s hip hop roots. Then throw songstress Rae Morris into the mix, and you’ve got an unstoppable trio. The dance rhythm doesn’t distract from the bulletpoint political lyrics, instead they’re intensified by a powerful chorus from Rae. Described as more radio central than his past work, it still doesn’t lose its authenticity.

Sofi de la Torre – Mess

If your fans include Grimes and Hayley Williams, you’re probably pretty good, right? Right. Spanish alt popper Sofi de la Torre’s latest single is a head bobbing, hip swaying celebration of electronic glitches. Lifted from the forthcoming EP of the same name, absorbing, angelic vocals shoot from moody to carefree, dripping with sass ‘I’m never gonna change for the better’.

Oh, girllllllll.

Spirit Animal – Regular World

This Brooklyn band know how to work rock and roll, old style. Raucous enthusiasm boldly stomps all over fiery riffs and a funky undertone, joining for harmonious big chorus. Cymbals crash and lyrics are spat, though there’s an upbeat feeling of triumph.

DJ Paypal – Awakening

Intriguing as his artist name might be, there’s not much to go on in terms of researching this guy. He plays it cool with his identity, and a photograph is rare. The Berlin based producer’s playful approach in terms of release however do not hinder the genuine soul put into his craft. 'Awakening' the latest from his debut record Sold Out, set for release on Brainfeeder on 13th November, is a transportation piece. Packed with hi-def sonics and jazz rhythms, it’s wonderfully smooth. A true footwork artist, injecting personality with drums, trumpets and sax.

HeCTA – Sympathy for the Auto Industry

Stripped from debut album The Diet, it may not seem all that appealing. I mean, who wants a diet? Though beautifully classic vocals ‘you shouldn’t have to change a thing, except your mind’ compliment upbeat synth and glossy production. At times it fires lasers, at others it seems touchingly tender. The video pays tribute to old school CGI, and you’ll probably get a little teary at the character’s story.

It won’t be what you expected, but who doesn’t like surprises?

Sia – I’m Alive

Lifted from the forthcoming album This Is Acting as all the tracks were originally written for different artists, Sia’s latest monstrous drop ‘I’m Alive’ was co-written by Adele and Tobias Jesso Jr. ‘Cause it was originally written for Adele. It’s a little confusing. Stripped back verses only make the full pelt emotive chorus more intense, and more power reach worthy.

Begging the question, does Sia’s range even have a limit?

Wavves – Pony

The new Wavves album is gonna be an excitable pop sensation - we call it now. Though we will have to wait until 2nd October. ‘Pony’ is open hearted, warm and been kissed by the sun. Their euphoric, dreamy sound lushes with life and could easily soundtrack the life of somebody who insists they’re ‘twenteen’ and still doesn’t know how to use the washing machine properly.

I’m looking at you, kid. ‘It gets better, it better’

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