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Graduates are worried Brexit will affect their careers


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Some 78% of graduates believe Brexit will negatively affect their careers, according to a report published by Milkround.

The research compared Brexit to the 2008 financial crisis, in particular drawing parallels between the attitudes of 2019 graduates to those of 2008.

Image credit: Teuta Hoxha

In total, 52% of graduates believe that Brexit will make it more difficult to secure a job compared to 50% of those that graduated during the 2008 financial crisis. The 2008 class took an average of eight months to find their first career job.

Around 73% of students who are expected to graduate in 2019 believe that Brexit will negatively affect their salaries. 

Jonathan Portes, Economics Professor at King's College London, says the UK is still 'suffering' from the effects of the 2008 crisis. 

"Given the current healthy state of the UK labour market, it might seem surprising how pessimistic 2019's prospective graduates are about the impact of Brexit. 

"But history suggests that they are right to be worried. Brexit may well prove not just to be a short-term economic shock, but to do long-lasting damage to young people's career prospects.

"Given the uncertainties, new graduates will need to be flexible and adaptable; that may mean accepting jobs in a different sector or location to their first preference if it gives them a foot on the ladder."

On the other hand, figures by the Institue of Student Employers show that 'employers on average anticipate a substantial increase (18%) in the number of graduates that they are trying to recruit.'

Graduate Job Expert Georgina Brazier offered some reassurance. Milkround, according to Brazier, 'is continuing to see an increase in the number of graduate roles advertised' on the platform. 

'Increased competition in the market is not always a bad thing, it pushes graduates to be on top of their game and network more to gain invaluable industry connections,' she says.

Lead Image credit: Teuta Hoxha

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