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The cutest protest ever: Wooferendum Dog's Dinner


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No matter how you feel about the issues regarding #Brexit, I think everyone can agree that there is nothing cuter than a puppy with a political agenda.

Image Credit: Ben's Dogs: Wooferendum

on 10th March, Central London hosted what must be the cutest and perhaps furriest protest of all time: Brexit is A Dog’s Dinner, hosted by Wooferendum.


Designed with parliament in mind, the intended message was to show exactly how protestors felt three weeks ahead of UK's departure from the EU. A large rally was held with positive messages, speeches and lots of dogs in attendance - all conveniently located in Victoria Park Gardens, right outside the Houses of Parliament.


Image Credit: Ben's DogsWooferendum

Perhaps at a first glance, the Dog's Dinner event might have seemed like an easy way for angry people to politicise their unwitting dogs - yet this was an event with a lot of thought and care put into it. Even though people may be unhappy with certain decisions (or lack thereof) made by the government, the event itself was filled with people who were preaching the importance of kindness and remaining in the pack of the EU - an overall lovely gathering filled with positive energy. This was a very welcome change from many angry and aggressive protests that have been going on across Europe at the moment.


Image Credit: Daniel Elkan

The event began at 1pm, and there was a group photo opportunity beforehand that included huge cans of 'Pedigree Chump's Brexit Dog's Dinner' - in order to send a clear message that it's time for MPs to come off the leash, ensure that a no-deal Brexit is avoided, and to give the people of the UK a final say.

After the official photo opportunity, there were speeches, rallies and even photo contests, where dog owners and their canine companions were ll encouraged to dress up, with many participants showing off their own homemade signs and placards. The dogs did not disappoint, and neither did their owners, with many putting creative work and ingenuity into their costumes and homemade signs to illustrate their true feelings about the matter.

Image Credit: Ben's DogsWooferendum

While every dog does indeed have their day, it seemed these pups are taking advantage of theirs and seizing the opportunity to join their owners in letting parliament know how they really feel about Brexit.

Lead Image Credit: Daniel Elkan

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