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Viewers call Brexit drama ‘depressing’ and liken it to horror film


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Television viewers threatened to switch off drama Brexit: The Uncivil War – because it was too “depressing”.

The programme about the 2016 referendum campaign, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Vote Leave strategist Dominic Cummings, aired on Channel 4 on Monday night.

While many people thought the programme was done brilliantly, some thought the subject matter did not make for a pleasant evening’s viewing.

One person posted on Twitter: “I’d watch #BrexitTheUncivilWar but good as it is, it’s just so cripplingly depressing.”

“Not sure watching #BrexitTheUncivilWar is a good idea,” said another.

“It’s bloody depressing. Made my headache worse and I’m struggle not to chuck things at the TV.”

“I really can’t watch this. Horrifying,” posted another.

One viewer said: “Think I’m gonna have to turn off #BrexitTheUncivilWar.

“Every decision, every choice, every fork in the referendum road that couldn’t been taken differently. When you know the outcome it’s just 2 hrs of ‘if only’.”

“Turning off #BrexitTheUncivilWar as it’s making me sad. Ignorance is bliss eh,” tweeted one viewer.

Others likened the drama to a horror film.

“Sorry #TheShining, I’ve now decided #BrexitTheUncivilWar is the greatest horror movie of all time (if even 5% of its plot is true),” posted one.

“This is a horror film,” said another.

There were also viewers who felt it was not the right time for the programme.

One tweeted: “I won’t lie…..this all feels a little too soon!!”

“I’m watching #BrexitTheUncivilWar and decided that it’s too early to dramatise it,” said another.

Brexit: The Uncivil War, written by James Graham, also stars Rory Kinnear, John Heffernan and Liz White.

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