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This media company will start to interview a BAME candidate for every single role


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The award-winning media company ITN, Independent News Company, just became one of the first British media organisations to publish a report on BAME pay gap.

The BAME pay gap report explores the difference between the average earnings of all black, Asian and other minority ethnicity employees and the average earnings of their white counterparts.


The company found out that their mean pay gap was as high as 16 % while their bonus pay gap exploded to the roof to 66 %.


ITN explained that the BAME pay gap usually develops when more white people are occupying the highest-paid roles in an organisation than BAME employee. For instance, only 38% of ITN's BAME employees received a bonus compared with 42 % of white employees.


The media company set out targets to be achieved by 2022 targets including having 20% of their workforce coming from black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds.

They also plan to reduce the BAME pay gap by 50% and get 20% of their top 20 earners to be BAME employees.


One of their key initiative in achieving this goal is to have at least one BAME candidate interviewed for every role.


ITN CEO John Hardie said that the company must 'work harder to increase the proportion of BAME people at every level of ITN, particularly in the senior decision-making management roles.'

He further added that ITN had set challenges, 'including halving the BAME pay gap by 2022, alongside an action plan to improve representation and remove barriers to progression.;


With initiatives to be taken in terms of hiring policies and transparent pay structure, ITN is actually showing a way for other big companies to follow. The big question remains... will it be enough?

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