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Northerners will earn on average under £30k after leaving uni no matter where they graduated from


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New research concludes that a person’s place of birth determines their earnings ten years after graduation, irrespective of the university they attended. 

The data which was combined by using the official data from the Office for National Statistics.

Graduates from the North East region seem to fare the worst, ranking the lowest for salary earnings ten years after graduation. On average, graduates who were born in North East will earn an average of £29,200 per year. 

North East graduates can afford to live and work in just 70 per cent of England’s regions.

On the other hand, London is the place where the graduates seem to earn the most money ten years after graduation. London graduates can afford to live and work in almost 85 percent of English regions.


For graduates, the most cost-effective place to live is Burnley.

However, these factors change based on whether the graduate is single or in a relationship. For couples, the most cost-effective place to live in is Hartlepool.

Overall, this research indicates the challenges with social mobility, and it highlights the influence that a person’s birthplace has on his or her ability to live, work and earn money throughout England.

Visual data by Cameron Ridgway

Featured image courtesy of Brad Montgomery 

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