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H&M are finally changing their clothing sizes and we have the paper to prove it


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The Swedish brand H&M is now changing their clothing sizes to comply with U.K. standard in response to customer feedback. 

The store is currently adjusting their sizes in line with UK size measurements - meaning that a size 12 will now be recognised as a size 14. They sent the following leaflet with orders, informing their customers that the garment label will not match the size they ordered. 

This comes after complaints that H&M sizes were too small.

Several H&M customers have gone viral with their complaints, in which they had to severely ‘upsize’ after not being able to fit in their normal size.

This has sparked many to compare H&M sizes with other brands, discovering a shocking discrepancy. 

To add to this, the clothing brand found themselves hugely under fire after removing the plus-size clothing section in their New York stores, further limiting their clothing options for people that often have to upsize in H&M. 

One customer, Rebecca Parker, received a lot of support after writing an open letter to H&M, expressing her disgust in trying on a pair of size 14 jeans that she ‘failed to pull past one thigh’, despite having always been a size 12-14.

She issued a strong statement in her letter saying “the more I thought about it, and those jeans, I realised it wasn’t MY failure that prevented me from pulling on a pair of trousers, but yours."

Parker didn’t necessarily write the letter to complain about its impact on her, though it was undoubtedly an inconvenience at the very least. She voiced her concerns about the effects that H&M sizing would have on her younger self . She wrote that the girls may begin to feel an impact on their confidence for having to upsize in clothing.

Image: Rebecca Parker

She also highlighted the hypocrisy of the brand’s ‘ethos’, saying:

“Surely, in a shop in which I can buy a glittery pencil case with #GRLPOWER written on it or a t-shirt with SISTERHOOD emblazoned over the chest is the very place that should be glorifying women of every shape and size and making them feel amazing.

"How can you expect women to feel empowered if the clothes you try to sell to them do the exact opposite?”

At the end of her letter, she pleaded with the brand to 'be honest' and not dismissive in their response.

"If a pair of jeans says it is a size 14, please make it a size 14."  

Speaking to TNS, Parker told us that she was pleased with the response to her open letter.

"Friends, friends of friends and strangers all came forward to say they had had the same experience, which made me even more determined to call H&M out for the inaccurate sizing."

Parker’s fight against this de-moralisation has not been easy.

"The responses were very dismissive originally. I had to go back and forth to them numerous times. They used a number of interesting justifications; my favourite was that their sizing is based on a Northern European sizing which was bizarre considering that Britain is in Northern Europe last time I checked!

"They clearly wanted to shirk responsibility for how they were making their customers feel, but my voice, along with hundreds of others, refused to go away quietly."

This is seen as, by many, not only Parker as a great step forward into a ‘positive change in all high street shops to actually make clothes that fit women properly and make them feel like the incredible goddesses that they are."

"For every single person who has ever felt a bit rubbish in an H&M changing room, this victory is ours."

Featured image courtesy of Teuta Hoxha and Rebecca Parker

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